Did Kendall Jenner Get A Boob Job? Latest Instagram Photo Has Fans Speculating!


Kendall Jenner posted a new Instagram photo, and something about her looks really different. Did she get a boob job?

The Kardashian sisters, whilst all being very similar, are entirely different in their own ways. Whilst Kim was always known for doing photoshoots, it’s Kendall who’s always been the model, and she certainly has the body for it.

Her small frame and height give her the perfect physique for high-fashion modeling, and she’s walked the runway for the likes of Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs.

One of her defining features has always been her small chest, so when Kendall uploaded her recent Instagram photo, fans were more than confused – did she get breast implants?

Kendall Jenner regularly uploads on her 137 million follower Instagram, bringing together a collection of modeling pics, family photos, and more laid back holiday snaps.

But she uploaded a new picture yesterday (August 19th) that has left social media users more than confused.

The photo shows Kendall on a beach at dusk. She stands there in a white striped bikini and white beach trousers, as fireworks set off in the background. But there was something else in the photo that has really caught people’s attention.

As she stands there in the revealing bikini, fans began to notice that Kendall appears to have noticeably bigger boobs than she usually has, leading many to believe she’s had a boob job. But is it true?

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As soon as the Instagram photo was posted, social media users instantly began speculating that Kendall Jenner has had a boob job, with many taking to Twitter to ask others the same question.

One Twitter user said: “Do you think Kendall Jenner got a boob job judging on her recent Instagram post?”

Another said: “Did @KendallJenner get her boobs done? She looks good as hell.”


So the big question is, has Kendall Jenner actually had a boob job? Well, Kendall hasn’t revealed anything yet.

Unlike her other sisters, Kendall always keeps quiet about any plastic surgery she’s had, often arguing that she’s never had any plastic surgery at all. But it seems like that may have all just changed.

If you compare the recent Instagram photo to a bikini pic posted 5 weeks ago, she certainly looks different. She definitely looks like she’s had breast implants, and we can assume that she probably has.

But until Kendall actually confirms it herself, there’s really no knowing for sure.

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