US Alerts for COVID-19 Fraud


The United States government alerted on Tuesday to criminal acts of counterfeiting, illicit sales and loan fraud amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) reported in a statement that upon arrival 100 days after the ‘Stolen Promise’ operation, they have been able to curb the crime to a good degree.

Since April, when they launched the operation, the agency reports, “More than 500 criminal investigations were opened” that led to the confiscation of coronavirus test kits , pills and “alleged treatments” seized at ports of entry into the country.

The investigations have been in conjunction with the National Security (HSI) investigations.

US Launches “Stolen Promise” Operation Against Coronavirus Fraud

The US Office of Homeland Security Investigations recently launched Operation “Stolen Promise,” with the goal of stopping financial fraud, fraud, and organized crime surrounding the needs of Americans for rapid access to supplies. doctors for COVID-19.

Some results

Precisely National Security warned of “the emerging threat of loan fraud and stimulus programs of the CARES Law.”

The US government listed that COVID-19 related criminal activity encompasses schemes of financial fraud, importation of prohibited pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, and even websites that defraud consumers.

Since April, the entity says, 53 people have been arrested, including: a Canadian man for trying to smuggle COVID-19 test kits not approved and made in China.

HSI’s special agents have also seized more than $ 7 million in illicit profits, including more than $ 2.2 million in seizures of CARES fraud, and more than $ 17.9 million has been recorded in “discontinued transactions and funds recovered ”.

The HSI Cyber ​​Crime Center (C3) found that “cyber criminals” create fraudulent websites to raise funds to carry out ‘phishing’ attacks on victims or trick them into making a charitable donation through the fake website.

Therefore, C3 has analyzed nearly 51,000 domains and initiated 83 investigations related to crime.