BTS: Cover de 10000 Hours por Junkook impresiona al ARMY


The surprises for ARMY have not stopped in recent days and this July 28 Junkook prepared a surprise for the fandom.

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Junkook showed his great talent and versatility in his voice in the cover that he made of 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber , this cover was uploaded to SoundCloud and ARMY went crazy when they saw that once again they had dedicated a song to him, because in the theme url added 10000hourswitharmy.

10000 Hours (cover) by JK of BTS by BTS

This cover is full of comments from ARMY who has been impressed by the unexpected release.

As we have already mentioned, it is not the first time that Junkook makes this type of gift to fandom , since in his song Still With You in the URL he had put # thankyouarmy2020 on trend for all the support he had been receiving from ARMY; in addition to being an inspiring song despite the difficult times that have been seen in today’s world.

Still With You by JK of BTS by BTS

Fans speculate that this could lead to a collaboration with Justin Bieber, however it is only a rumor … or rather an idea that they would like to see come true.

ARMY has always supported their idols in their joint projects but also when they have decided to do solo work, that is why the boys do this type of details for the fandom because they know that it is a very important part for the great success they are Taking it globally, this is independent of the talent that the Bangtanboys have as singers, songwriters, and dancers.

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