The project that Scarlett Johansson gave up will now be a series


A few years ago, the feature film Rub and Tug  was going to take place  in which Scarlett Johansson had to play a transgender man. But activists from the LGBT community came out to cross the actress and told her that this role did not correspond to her. Scarlett, then, got off the project that also put a pause in its realization.

The actress, after giving up her work, said: “I would have loved to bring Dante’s life and transition to life but I understand why they feel that he must be played by a transgender person and I am grateful that it also served as a debate to provoke a broader conversation on the subject . “

Finally now the project is reactivated but not as a feature film but as a series. The life of Dante Tex Gill,  who had a chain of massage parlors in which he hid brothels and also illegally sold hormones for the transformation of the physique. 

The author of the project, enthusiastically expressed gratitude for the possibility of expressing this story. “Tex’s life story is like no other, and the rich landscape of this unexplored moment in time really captured my imagination. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to write such a fascinating and diverse web-based gangster drama. of queer characters, “said the new member of the project.

While who’s to replace Johansson has yet to be confirmed, the production reported that all interest is in trans actors. It is unknown if Rupert Sanders will remain in charge of the management, as announced three years ago.