Ryan Reynolds in love with Samuel L. Jackson in the series Futha Mucka


Quibi is a streaming platform focused on the mobile market, which is currently navigating against the current trying to make its numbers start to grow. To do this, the company is trying to lean on big names in the industry: that’s why it has signed Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson to star in the animated series Futha Mucka .

Quibi bets on Reynolds and Jackson

Although platforms like Netflix have emerged stronger from the coronavirus pandemic, adding 15.8 million new users during the confinement, it seems that Quibi has not shone in the same way among the users’ options. However, the service wants to bet on new content captained by actors who are popular with users: that’s why it has Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds to star in a new animation series called Futha Mucka.

After working together on The Other Bodyguard, Jackson and Reynolds are ready to take the next step in a joint project. Futha Mucka comes from the hand of Jim and Brian Kehoe, who in turn worked together on Blockers, and will also act as directors of the production. As for the plot, it’s as crazy as it sounds: to be a kind of parody of both actors, with Reynolds falling in love with Jackson .

The animation series is a parody of both actors

“When a small accident causes Sam to become Ryan’s caretaker, things will get weird … so portray him however you want,” Empire reports of the production details. It is not known when the series will be available in Quibi, but it is hoped that as an animated production it will be easier to perform as it is not subject to restrictions by the coronavirus.

On the other side of the coin we find Quibi’s business situation: the platform has not managed to take off as expected, despite having among its productions names such as Zac Efron, Sam Raimi, Steven Spielberg, Sophie Turner, Chance the Rapper or Bill Murray. Much worse has been its perception by workers: amid a wave of layoffs, the firm paid $ 6 million to Reese Witherspoon ( Big Little Lies ).