Kylie Jenner teaches us how to wear a mini dress


The socialite and businesswoman Kylie Jenner does not miss an opportunity to show off her most daring clothes, whether in the comfort of her bed or on a sofa.

A few days ago, the American model and designer also wore a beautiful silk and lace mini dress from the Gucci Gg brand.

The model, just 22 years old, is also a lover of the sleepwear trend, which consists of wearing clothing in public places, whether on the street or nightclubs for fun.

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The truth is that her Gucci silk dress is the ideal to look sexy this summer and with the arrival of high temperatures.

Despite her complicated schedule, Kylie Jenner is always looking for a way to promote the brands of great designers, whether in bed or on a comfortable sofa.

In the photo published on Instagram, Kylie Jenner is lying down with her mini dress in two shades: pink and a touch of yellow. Everything contrasted with her beautiful blonde hair.

“You look like a goddess, you are very beautiful and sexy,” wrote user @ robert389.

To look sexy

Months ago, Kylie herself dazzled in another light green mini dress that showed off her long tanned legs.

Gucci silk dresses are perfect and offer a touch of daring women, the most sought-after are those with a plunging neckline design that reveal details of the bra or some transparency.

Likewise, silk mini dresses are synonymous with femininity and are also one of the most sensual trends in the women’s wardrobe.

The truth is that Kylie in recent years has been joining the world of celebrities with the boom of showing her most intimate clothes.

Undoubtedly, the sexiest version is that of the dress with straps to show much more skin and that is why it is the favorite of the beautiful Kylie.