Start of the final trials of the vaccine, COVID-19 established in the United States


The first one the vaccine against the COVID-19 established in the United States, which stimulated the immune system of the participants in the study, as well as scientists had hopedthey reported to researchers on Tuesday, and the vaccine is being distributed for the start of the final tests.

“It doesn’t matter how you look at it, this is great news,” said the The Associated Press the doctor is in Anthony Faucithe leading expert on the disease infeccionas in the country.

The experimental vaccine, developed by the co-Fauci in the National Institutes of Health (national institutes of health, by its initials in English), and by Modern, Inc., begin the most important phase in around the 27th of July: a case study with 30,000 people in order to test whether the vaccine actually is strong enough to protect the people from the coronavirus.

But on Tuesday, the researchers reported the findings in the first 45 volunteers who have been the lettuce in mid-march. The vaccine is provided, the expectations, the nerve impulse.

The volunteers have developed what are known as broadly neutralizing antibodies in the blood stream —the molecules-the key to the lock of the infection at levels comparable to those found in people who have survived the COVID-19, according to the research group in the journal the New England Journal of Medicine.

This is the basic ingredient necessary to move forward with the trial that will determine whether the vaccine will protect against infection,” said dr. Lisa Jackson the Institute of Research, Kaiser Permanente, Washington, in the Seattle area, and was in charge of the studio.

There is not a guarantee, but the government hopes to have the results by the end of the year, which would be a record-breaking speed in order to develop a vaccine.

The vaccine requires two doses, one month apart.

There has not been any serious side effects. But more than half of the participants in the study have reported similar reactions to those caused by other vaccines, such as fatigue, headache, chills, fever, and pain at the injection site. In three of the participants who received the higher dose, these reactions have been severe, for it does not seek to deliver such a dose.

Some of the responses are similar to the symptoms of the coronavirus, but it is temporary, lasting for a day or so, and it generally occurs right after the injection, the researchers reported.

“It’s a small price to pay for the protection of the COVID,” said the doctor, William Schaffnerthe Medical Center of Vanderbilt University, an expert on vaccines, which do not participate in the study.

He said that the results announced are a good first step,” and that it believed that the final examination may be able to provide answers to questions about its safety and efficacy to the beginning of the next year or so.

“That’d be great. But that’s assuming that everything goes out as planned,” said Schaffner.

In addition, the results of the Tuesday, it only included a young adult. In the initial phase of the testing, it was expanded later on to include dozens of the elderly, the group most at risk for the effects of the COVID-19.

These results are not shared with the public, but are currently being assessed by regulators, and Early, and said that the final tests are to include the elderly and people with chronic medical conditions, which make them more vulnerable to the effects of the virus, as well as a number of people were black and hispanic, which is also a result of the extremely affected as well.

Around about a possible vaccine for the COVID and 19 are in various stages of testing around the world. The candidates are developed in China, and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, you are also entered into the final stages.

A study of 30,000 people and is the largest in the world at the time of the search for a possible vaccine against the COVID-19. And, the polio vaccine was developed by the national institutes of health, is not the only one who is willing to conduct tests of this magnitude in the United States, tests that are essential in order to detect side-effects in an unusual way. The government is planning to study similar in size to the vaccine, the university of Oxford and of Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer Inc. is planning its own record separately.

People are now starting to work as a volunteer for the studies.

We believe that “there is a race with a single winner,” said Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the national institutes of health. “We need to get multiple vaccinations. Do we need vaccinations for the entire world, not just in our country.”

Governments all over the world were able to gain hundreds of millions of doses of the various candidates with the hope of speeding up the process of inoculation, in the event that it has been confirmed that it is effective.