Elina Svitolina has the hope of achieving a breakthrough in the Grand Slam


Elina Svitolina has the hope of achieving a breakthrough in the Grand Slam

The number five in the world, Elina Svitolina, has broken his drought without a title by the End of the WTA 2018 to secure the title, in the city of Monterrey, in February of this year. Despite not winning a title by 2019, ukraine has had the best performance of his career in a Grand Slam.

Svitolina was a semifinalist at both Wimbledon and the US Open , he also ran for the end of the year-end tournament in 2019. The player of 25 years, keeps alive the hopes of his first grand Slam title, and is working hard to conquer.

first major title

In the field of the WTA, some players accomplish their grand Slam titles during the early years of his career, for example, White Andreescu , Jelena Ostapenko, Noami Osaka , Sofia Kenin , etc.

The young people in the circuit are extremely athletic and certainly gives them a competitive advantage over others. While some of the other, the experience is strong, and then to get his first big titles.

Certainly admires players like them and want to make his Grand Slam breakthrough with patience. Staying positive in the midst of versatility in women’s football, Elina Svitolina shared their thoughts on how to get a major title.

“In recent years, we can see that the players have had different paths to victory. Someone has won immediately as soon as it is announced the tour. Other acquired patiently experience to finally win the race, for example, Simona Halep and Caroline Wozniacki .

The different paths are due to different styles of play,” he said to the BTU web Site . “It gives me the hope and the energy to work so that one day I can take advantage of this opportunity.

The key point for me is to maintain my best level for two weeks. This requires a lot of effort, both physical and psychological. Everything should work at the same time. And you need to add a little bit of luck.

Also in the month of December of 2019, he revealed his career goals and he said that his priority is to be healthy, to win a Grand Slam and, in the final analysis, achieving a world ranking of number one.

In 2018, has won the title of the Final of the WTA tour. Up to today it continues to be an important title of his career, and has not yet advanced to the final of the Grand Slam.