Coronavirus in the world, and the Riches they have to charge more taxes, to fight against the covid – the united states and Canada, International


A group of more than 83 millions from all over the world, mostly in the United States, published on Monday a letter of request to the government that they collect the most taxes from a lot of money in order to raise funds to help offset the effects of the pandemic the covid-19, and financing of the health response.

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They have done so through the publication of a letter by the organization’s Millionaires for Humanity (Millonarios for the Site), which was signed by some of the owners of the great fortunes in the united states. United states. —as a Young, and Tim’s Disney’s heirs to the Walt Disney Company, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the netherlands, New Zealand, and is sponsored by the oenegé father of the United States.

“As long as the covid-19-banging in the world the ultra-wealthy as we are, we have a key role to play in healing our world.. No, we are not the ones who take care of patients in the intensive care unit. We are not the ones who drive the ambulances that take patients to the hospital. No, we are not changing the shelf at the grocery store, or distribute food from door to door; but we do have money, lots of money. The money that you desperately need, and that it will continue to be needed in the next few years,” he said, and rich in its message.

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We have a lot of money, which is desperately in need, and that it will continue to be needed in the next few years

He added: “Today, we, the millions who have signed this letter, which is we ask our governments that an increase in taxes for people like you and me. To immediately, substantially, and permanently.”

Over the past few months, all of the countries all over the world have used public funds to finance the fight against the pandemic, and to carry out plans to stimulate the economy, like the united states. In the united states today is the country most affected in the world, with a 3’304.942 affected 135.205 of the deaths, according to a count by the independent University, the Johns Hopkins university.

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For this reason, since the end of the first quarter, the Congress, the country has adopted a massive stimulus plan worth us $ 2.2 trillion, while the us Federal Reserve (the Fed) has cut interest rates to almost 0 %, and amounted to several successive rounds of a major injection of liquidity into the markets.