“Co-write a hit Katy Perry has opened me many doors” – jenesaispop.com


Dagny, the lead singer of the pop norway that is known for hits such as ‘Somebody‘, ‘Love You Like That’ or ‘Backbeat’, or with its billion dollar partnership with Seeb, ‘Drink About’, just change the first part of ” Strangers / Lovers’, his official debut, which will be completed at a certain point in the rest of the year. After the end of that part of the author of ‘Never More’ of Katy Perry, involuntarily, because that song is what inspired melodically in ‘Love You Like That’, the artist has reached, without doubt, a turning point in his career. On these and other topics, we spoke with her via phone.

For artists who are debuting this year, it must be complicated to deal with the coronavirus. Many important promotion projects are slipping…
It is as if this year would have stopped, but I noticed that, even though it might not be the best time to take a drive, why can’t we do the promotion, or playing concerts, it is important to get new music also. People need music, to listen to something that the anime, give her energy and the comfort. This situation has given the music a special meaning. I never considered the possibility of not releasing the record or postponing the launch.

There are artists who do not think that it is a good time to publish new music, other yes…
The coronavirus is a very serious problem, but, by and large you’re going through a bad time, it is not possible to stop your life. You have to move forward. And I think that it is possible to focus on the things that are difficult, and who presents himself for life, without forgetting the fun or thinking about other things. I am not a doctor, nor am I an expert of anything, but, in situations like this, you can’t help but feel that they could contribute more to the cause, and that is the reason why the artists have a different purpose now, and that is to provide joy through music, because people need.

What have you done during the quarantine period apart from music?
I have been knitting, baking, and taking care of a garden that I’ve grown cucumbers, tomatoes, edamame… mainly I’ve been crocheting a lot, I love the vintage and second-hand clothes, and I tried to fix the clothes that I already have. I’ve also made sweaters of colors. My purpose is to learn how to sew really is for the next year, when we go on tour, you can use any of the clothing that I the fabric.

“My mission with my music is to help you feel better. I have the best job in the world!”

You decided to publish your album into two parts. What is the idea that people will no longer listen to entire discs? What is not a myth?
I’ve always wanted to release an album, but when I checked my disk I realized that harbored two separate parts. The first speaks of the beginning of a relationship is more summery pop, the second speaks of the end of that relationship, the more autumnal and introspective. This was the main reason why I decided to post my disk in two parts. At the beginning I was afraid that the people may not be exchanged for an EP, and it remains important for the launch itself, but musically and visually, we asked that the idea of the “album” was clear.

The first part of the disk is already gone, not the second. What can I say about this? What songs are already finished?
The second part of the album consists of slower songs, are not so great and poperas as those of the first. Musically, it is more free, in the sense that they do not have enhanced both the production of the songs. First of all, both parts are marked by letters. There are six songs in total, which are to quit. It is a project of 12 songs.

I am particularly proud of these songs?
I know that I am known for making dance songs and poperas… and this second part also contains a part uplifting, because sometimes a relationship ends and it is sad, but it can also mean that you have evolved as a person and I learned something. A rupture does not have why to be always a bad thing. I like to be able to express a different part of me. This second part is bitterness, nor anger, nor is it necessarily a negative, is simply more vulnerable and desire.

You are known for topics such as “come” or “Someone”, who in the first part of the drive. These songs speak of the euphoria of a first crush. What the euphoria is the feeling that inspires you the most?
Being in love is one of the things that I do feel. I feel so energetic and curious… When I fell in love with become the best version of myself. For me it is a feeling, very easy to feel inspired. I can’t say that I follow that emotion, but since then I guess my mission with my music is to help you feel better. I have the best job in the world!!!

Electropop gives me a lot of steps to express the feelings, but your old hit “Backbeat” is very different from what you are currently doing, reminds me a bit of the Ting tings…
I love Things Things! My sound changes… I don’t think that has consolidated my sound yet. Most of the music I listen to is more alternative, more indie, not like the pop music that I do. ‘Backbeat’ at the time, it was a big change compared to what I had done previously.

What other groups do you like?
Phoenix are incredible. I like Feist. I Love Beck. I love all those bands of the 90’s led by women: Craberries, there is No Doubt… I like the Cardigan, is probably my favorite group.

What to highlight the work of the Cardigans?
My favorite album is “Long Gone Before Light”, and my favorite song is “Live and Learn”. The Cardigans are a source of inspiration that is huge for me. I am Swedish and most of the music that inspires me is Swedish: Veronica Maggio, Robyn, First Aid Kit…

“I don’t know if you co-write a hit Katy Perry has helped me financially, but it has opened many doors”

Tell me about your co-authoring ‘Never again’ by Katy Perry. You said you’ve never met Katy, it was his team that called you informing you of the situation…
At the beginning of last year, the team of Katy called to tell me that Katy was planning to publish a song very similar to “Love You Like That”, which was already one of my biggest accomplishments. They said that he was very inspired, which was their version of “Love You Like That”. I found it adorable that they are in contact with me to inform me of this, and I find it amusing that you have formed the huge single back to the pop Katy after their previous album, which was more alternative and experimental. Katy is one of those big pop stars that have inspired millions of people, and I’m glad I inspired something that she has done.

You liked the “Witness”? It seems to me that is a bit underestimated…
I think the same thing.

Economically, how important this co-author?
You know what? Things are going so slow in the music industry… I really don’t know! What that has done is open me many doors. Before this song I have not written so much for other artists, but now I do.

Which artists have you written or are you writing to?
Above all, I am working with Norwegian artists such as Lemaitre, or Betty Who. Then I’m collaborating with other Norwegian artists less well-known. And I have also written with some artists of international fame. At the end of the year will come a partnership which we are preparing with an international artist, for which I am very excited, but I can’t reveal who it is at the moment.