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MEXICO – The mexican singer Pablo Monterooften they share with their followers, for the wonderful moments spent in the company of his daughters. And even if it is not so followed, it is also often the boast of the quality of the time that passes at the side of his eldest son. As it has done recently, and it is through their stories of INSTAGRAM, the singer shared with his followers, the great day had passed into the hands of his firstborn son.

With the words, “on Tuesday with my au-prince”, Pablo Monteromade partakers of their fans, the day in which he had shared with Pablo. And taking into account the measures of protection, and making use of the covers the mouth of “learned” of the campaign “Free shoots”. Father and son, went to buy some fruit. Then embark on a great adventure, skate to the side of your son, surely you see that Corey has the ability and enjoy the activity.

And Pablo Monterobecause he also was launched to the adventure and I have learned a few simple tricks to your child. And let it burn while doing your practice. There is no doubt that father and son have enjoyed a great day of activities, but also to share something you love with your parents, is something that not many have the good fortune to experience. We hope that the practice has not ended in a fall, because, quite frankly, has done great.

“Free gems”

Recently Pablo Monteroshared with his followers that would carry out an awareness campaign on the use of the cover in the mouth, and the importance of continuing to take the necessary measures of protection, before the Covid-19. This after hearing of the tragic death of two of his musicians, due to this virus. So you deicide to carry out this campaign, in honor of their friends, and create awareness about the severity of the current situation.

In the same way, without veils, that would be distribution of food for the musicians and their families, who were left unemployed during the emergency. And would the delivery of the masks and the lining of the mouth, to the staff of the tourist area, restaurants, taxi drivers, and employees of gas stations. There is no doubt that the actions taken by the singer, are very noble, because there are many who have been affected in the midst of this health crisis.


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