The protagonist of ‘Sex Education’ remembered the time that Tom Holland has won the role of Spiderman


Before that Tom Holland put the costume of Spider-Man, one of the favorites for the role of Spider-Man was the actor Asa Butterfield, now known for participating in the filmThe boy in the striped pyjamas’, ‘Ender’s Game” and “Hugo”; and on all series ‘Sex Education’.

If at the time of printing as a move to be sure, finally, it was the Netherlands who stayed with the role.

After several years of this election, Butterfield recalled the time when he postulated the role of one of the favorite superheroes of all, remember that it was disappointed not to be chosenbut now appreciate your decision, because your career will be deparaban other things.

“Very often there is a role that you really want is one script that I like, and when you put all your heart and soul into it… and don’t get it. And it is hard and it sucks, but I usually find that something better comes out in the end. And so, in the case of Spider-Man, I made ‘Sex Education’, because they have not done the two at the same time,” said the actor in a conversation with the the website Collider.

Apparently, the Asa has presented a version of Spider-Man is very different, when she had the opportunity to audition for Captain America: Civil War. “Tom has done incredible things with Peter and had a different interpretation of him, and I think that worked very well in the universe and that role is something that I think I would have done. So I think that in the end everything went bienQ, he concluded.