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The republic of COLOMBIA. Ximena Duque it is known for its incredible natural beauty and many of the followers often ask what it is that makes the skin so beautiful, or what techniques to use to take care of your hair, or the Moon. That is the reason why I like to make videos with their DuqueTips, the purpose of which is to make the lives of their fans a lot more easy and healthy. Even shares delicious recipes that are not necessarily full of calories to taste all the flavor without the fat.

The reason for this is that the colombian actress you want to be in good health, without the need of torturarse with diets excessive and seeks to educate their children a healthy relationship with food. In addition, we are concerned to maintain the natural beauty of the body, the skin and the hair, so that you know many secrets of nature that help to stay away from the operating room. Tips for the announced via Instagram, but the video can be found on Facebook.

Therapy for the skin

The actress has shared a video in which he strongly recommended the coco aloe vera or aloe vera. He says that it is really useful for removing stains of the skin, reduce scars and stretch marks and to always keep it hydrated. The habit of using the coco aloe vera is inherited from his mother and she is a true believer of the effective operation of this plant, as seen in their own skin as the results. At the time of the video, Ximena has confessed that even uses it on the Moon, who has just received a small scar on the forehead.

The trick in 15 minutes

In this video, Ximena Duque shared the process of your make-up base, which can be done in fifteen minutes and it is beautiful. Start with a light base, which you apply with a brush. After that, apply the concealer and the contour, which helps to outline the face. The next step is to seal the makeup that was applied with a powder makeup. Then, apply the blush and the illuminator in powder, to give that touch of divinity to the face. Finally, we can define a little bit the eyebrows, is ready and beautiful for the day.

Delicious and healthy pancakes!

Finally, I want to share this simple recipe that Ximena is preparing Luna for breakfast and dinner, is a delicious starter that you will like the small. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients: one banana, one egg, one or two tablespoons of almond butter or peanut butter, a cup of oatmeal and a cup of almond milk without sugar. The only thing that you should do is to mix all these ingredients and put them in the pan. And you are done!