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MEXICO – In recent days, the tiktokers Rod ContrerasMont Pantoja and Domelipa, they have caused a lot of controversy, with the rise of many speculations, which indicated that between Rod Contreras and Domelipa, there was something more than a simple friendship. Entries that managed to slow down, as they started to hit it with their respective partners. Moreover, according to the people involved, their relationship was limited to a great friendship.

However, in the last hours, these speculations have begun to increase, as several publications on the twitter account of Rod Contreraswhere there was a reference to his relationship with the Monte Pantoja, have disappeared. Scream his love, in every one of your messages, tags and responding to their comments, and in consideration of Rod Contrerasit seems that never existed.

Also, they both had in common, in their respective accounts, the forthcoming opening of a account of instagram, dedicated to the post, exclusive of the couple. That is also the most active in any of the two accounts. Without doubt, these actions have raised suspicions in the fans of the couple, who have asked for an explanation Rod Contrerasfor the confused situation in which he is involved on the side of Domelipa.

What they are or are not?

These actions have generated a division of the comments, as many argue that, in fact, only the league and friendship, that Rod Contreras and Mont Pantoja, are very much in love. On the other hand, there are those who argue that between him and Domelipa, yes, and something happens, and you are only playing with Pantoja. And, finally, there are those who argue that, in reality, Pantoja and Rod Contreras, have never been married.

So far, none of the tiktokers has mentioned something about it, but that only feeds more rumors of a possible breakup, and that it is only a matter of time to get to know. Will be that at the end they were right the rumors?, just wait for one of the two, any statement about it and see how is their relationship in the course of the day, to find out if, in fact, concluded, or is it just an error in their profiles.


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