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The first ten days of July has seen the expenditure of the three dates were highly significant for the democratic system in mexico. On July 1, the basics morenistas celebrated the “historic victory” of the people, which resulted in the anointing of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Presidency of the Republic. The day after, without penalty and without glory, marked the 20th anniversary of the election that brought Vicente Fox to Los Pinos, and also the first triumph of lopez OBRADOR, the candidate in the elections for the Head of the Government of the Federal District.

And a week ago –on 6 July, has not been forgotten– is commemorated 32 years of “patriotic fraud” that led to Carlos Salinas de Gortari the Presidency, after an improbable defeat of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, the standard-bearer of the National Democratic Front, the political formation that brought together a dissent from the pri.

More than four sexenios, the PRI-A has closed the passage to the left party. The slowness of the democratic transition allowed the consolidation of the electoral institutions, no matter the cost –financial and political– is extremely high, while the system of political parties has never stopped their degradation and the civil society, who so persistently fought for the opening lost the compass… is co-opted by the mafia of power?

Of the protagonists of those early years of the alternation, there remains little beyond the moral leadership of Cárdenas. The first leader of the right –Maquío, Luis H. Alvarez, Carlos Castillo Peraza, have been superseded by a generation of politicians and entrepreneurs, which has left the ranks panistas.

Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox preferred to his personal projects, instead of attempting the consolidation of the white. And bold, both have been critical of AMLO, who has fulfilled his promise of ending with the privileges of their predecessors and were withdrawn from the board.

The future of the Free Mexico is in the hands of INO. What are we Going to Mexico? The former governor of Guanajuato, just accept the offer Cameo, a digital platform where fans can interact with celebrities and personalities through the personalized video. Fox Quesada, who will be the first former president in this virtual space, which has also involved Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, Lance Armstrong and Floyd Mayweather and other stars are removed, and/or touched by media scandals.

If you load 20 or $ 1,000 for each video message, depends on the demand of the loyalty of his followers. But these resources will be used to raise funds for three different types of foundations of social interest, which include Go in Mexico, has confirmed the technology is a company founded in 2017, which is to the left, the 25% of income.

The old claim democratic bet through the elections and then for the replacement (agreed) the regime of the hegemonic party for electoral democracy, after three decades of elections without challenges, and governments divided, leaving a trail of corruption, and a huge discontent among the voters.

The protagonists of the transition have been overcome by a party-movement of López Obrador. And the institutions that the alternation bequeathed, are now under siege from the Fourth Transformation.

“We’re playing with fire,” warned the former president of the Electoral Tribunal, María del Carmen Alanis half of last week, at a conference convened by the Centre for The Study of Mexico, Spain (UNAM) to discuss the “political phenomenon of mexican”.

The story of the Fourth Transformation, to the test. And also, the balances of the “democracy delayed”, according to the definition of the economist Rolando Cordera Campos. The questioning of the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the organs of self-government bring to the exmagistrada chair of the federal elections; to the excomisionada president of the Ifai, Jacqueline Peschard, and the past president counselor of IFE, José Woldenberg Karakowsky. A fourth convened, Arturo Núñez Jiménez, canceled at the last minute… for health reasons. His place in the first round table was occupied by the Lamb, who was a witness to two debates, in which he also participated, Jaime Cárdenas Gracia, exconsejero elections, and is now an official of the 4T, and Emilio Rabasa, excónsul of Mexico in Boston.

The liberal democrats, in defence of the inheritance of the toggle and against the populism rampant. This latter topic led to an interesting exchange between Alanis and Cardenas, of Grace, who in addition to his academic activities, he was federal deputy and participated in the transition team of the candidate of the coalition Together we will make History– and convictions summary of Peschard and the shops at canal place.

This government, he said the former president of the Ifai, incurred in the management of legality. “From the moment that the Presidency is an extremely primitive democracy”, lamented the former president of the IFE.

The 4T has opted for the weakening, not the disappearance of INE… AND WHAT of the Inai? The election of new directors election will enter its final stage, and now we’ll see if Brown can colonize to that agency, or agreements with other political forces.

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