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Who has not sung “Love Me Do” by the Beatles for the top of your lungs, or not enthusiastic, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen? This without leaving to a side the legacy of Elvis Presley, the strong riffs of Metallica, and the rebellion of Guns N’ Roses… life would not be the same without a good dose of rock and roll.

For this reason, to celebrate the World day of Rock, which is celebrated on the 13th of July since 1985, HBO has a selection of movies and series that will honor the music. Then, some of the titles available on HBO GO remember that the rock is more alive than ever.


Can you imagine waking up one day and realize that the world does not remember the songs The Beatles? This is what happens to Jack Malik, a frustrated musician who decides to switch to the songs of the famous group such as yours. It is also in this film, directed by Danny Boyle, begins a musical journey nostalgic with the problems of the legendary grouping of Liverpool.


In the eighties, Conor lives in the centre of Dublin, where new expressions of music are the flower of the skin such as the frustration of a teenager. Their behavior and problems at home because of transferred from a private school to a public one, where, without thinking, create a rock band with the sole purpose of Raphina, the girl he falls in love at first sight, we pay attention and agree to star in his music video.


The sixties, in the united States, the first love and the best songs of the Beatles to make safety pin to ribbon to enjoy the World day of Rock. All the characters of this musical, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess, will make a tribute band of the most important rock and roll of all time. What begins as research, ends on a musical journey full of nostalgia and experimentation.


Lady Gaga is synonymous with musical talent that is reflected in this film which earned him an Oscar for Best Original Song, in which he has shared the stage with Bradley Cooper, forming one of the pairs most beloved stories of recent years in cinema. Gaga is put in the role of an Ally, a young singer, and Cooper Jackson, Maine, a recognized artist in decline, that must face the challenges of hunger, alcohol, and ambition as his career reaches its maximum.


The day Chris “Izzy” Cole is a technique of photocopiers, but at night it turns into a big fan and the lead singer of a rock tribute band to Steel Dragon, the band of choice and one of the most recognized in the scene. The film, starring Mark Wahlberg, it is inspired by the life of Tim “The Ripper” Owen, the lead singer of Judas Priest that went from being the biggest fan of your favorite band to become one of the singers in the most legendary of all time.


Bruce Springsteen and his large repertoire of music inspired by the film, perfect for viewing on the World day of Rock. The young Javed discovers the music of Springsteen, who changes his life completely and gives you the momentum needed to address some of the parents ultraconservatives and of a society that does not fit you. With the song “Dancing in the Dark”, “The River” and “Blinded by the Light” in the background, the film is a journey of cultural self-knowledge and, above all, a tribute to Springsteen.


Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese are an explosive mixture with the best result: “Vinyl”. The series features the struggle of Richie’s Window, which, at the height of punk and rock and roll, tries to keep afloat his record label. In 10 chapters, this production is a perfect window to understanding how it moves in this sector.