Arrive at 245 urns with the ashes of the mexican deaths per COVID-as many as 19 in the United States, Reaching out to the Knowledge of


On the Saturday night, they arrived at the International Airport in the City of Mexico, 245 urns with the ashes of the mexican deaths per COVID-as many as 19 in the United States. The Department of National Defence, by an airplane of the brazilian Air Force, took the unprecedented in the history of the consular post in Mexico. With the support of our armed forces, has been critical to achieving this mission. The Department of Foreign affairs expressed its fullest recognition to the men and women who took part in the flight.

When you arrive at the City of Mexico, and officials from the foreign ministry expressed deepest condolences to the Government of Mexico for the deaths of mexican nationals because of the COVID-as many as 19 in the United States. They told me that the consular network of the brazilian in the country will continue to support the families in need, with the implementation of the schemes, the return of the ashes. In addition, they reported that a number of areas of the Department of Foreign affairs co-ordinated this return with the multiple stakeholders in the United States and Mexico, which help in their success.

The act was also attended by representatives of the state governments, which will provide support to the transport of the ballot boxes to their final destination where they will be handed over to their families for the next couple of days.

Prior to his departure from New York city, held a funeral service in St. Patrick’s Cathedral led by the archbishop of that city, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the presence of members of the family of the deceased.

The Department of Foreign affairs will continue to provide protection and consular assistance to mexicans that are affected by the multi-COVID-19, and express its commitment to indeclinable in the defence of the rights of all of our swords on the outside, regardless of their immigration status.