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MEXICO – The mexican actress Sandra Echeverria, turned to their social networks to get a message to the public in general, against the sexism. With the theme of “against” and “No one is born a male”. The actress has shared a video which really speaks of how he is at home, where you will learn the core values. And that the situation with regard to the “machismo” has generated a lot of problematic, because it is closely linked to domestic violence.

However, as shown in the video, is a problem that stems from years ago, is neither modern nor recent. This is a problem that has been latent for a long time, and that, in spite of the awareness-raising campaigns and better information, has not ceased to exist. As a society we have the responsibility to manage a change in this direction, starting with the education and values that we give to our children.

The publication quickly rose to over 32 thousand views, and some of the comments such as: “the responsibility of all, including the mother”, “strong and true” and “no one is better than anyone else.” In addition to being a message applauded by the community, because of the big problem that the machismo is unleashed in various parts of the world. Up to the moment in which one does not know if it will be part of a any campaign, in which she will be the collaboration with the actress.

Okay, it’s not okay

On the other hand, recently Sandra Echeverrito turned to their networks, to share, that during the period of this current quarantine, has had some difficult days, and that it is normal that sometimes are so complicated, deriving the moments of vulnerability. But one must never lose hope, that at the end of the day, everything has a solution, and the bad moments are transient, are never to be.

And this is how the actress has shown already that he shared the the moments of the treasury to work on new projects in the pipeline, and the family moments that you like. Especially with his son, with whom I recently shared a video, where you see both happy to dance in front of the mirror, showing off their best moves. As expressed to a certain point in time, the next day, everything improves.