Corona has: “Found paradise”


The crown has long been synonymous with beach and nature. After months of imprisonment, the brand wants to re-connect people with nature, which is now more beautiful than ever.

To return to find them with the outside world, and to explore the nature with care, the Crown is the launch of a platform of the journey called “paradise Found”. The objective is to encourage domestic travel through the launch of a new campaign, in partnership with the companies of local tourism to support the tourism industry, which is severely affected by the pandemic.

In its new spot, “nature was never so beautiful”, Crown shows us the beauty that awaits us outside, as he encourages the world to take care of the nature when you start to spend more time explorándola. In addition, it supports the tourism of our country. The video can be seen on the YouTube page Crown Paraguay.

Crown Paraguay is ready to launch a platform whose aim is to promote the domestic tourism. Photo: Courtesy Of

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“After months of being blocked, you want the world to leave with a new appreciation for nature,” said Felipe Ambra, vice president of Crown World.

“With the launch of this platform, our hope is to return to all the most beautiful places of each country and provide a financial relief to the sector with which it connects,” he said.

The platform “paradise Regained” has been set up to encourage people to take the first step to return to travel as soon as the current situation permitted, beginning to rediscover their own countries.

At the global level, it is expected that this year the tourism sector will experience a decline of about 400 million tourist reservations. As part of the program, the brand is in the possession of more than 14,000 rooms in over 1,000 hotels around the world and offer discounts on thousands more, providing relief to the affected the travel industry.

Several hotels and hostels may offer reservation packages with special prices. Photo: Courtesy Of

The crown is the implementation of its programme in certain countries such as Paraguay, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Chile and Canada, where the local teams are the development of platforms in collaboration with tourism companies and local StayPy, CultureTrip, Kayaking, Smartrip, Thrillophilia, and more. In some markets, the platform will serve as a site where the hotel will be able to offer tariffs with special discounts.

Crown Paraguay, with the support and the know-how of Stay, Py, is ready to launch a platform whose aim is to promote the domestic tourism. In this platform, people will have the ability to conquer and discover our large and small paradises of the interior, to take care of them.

Several hotels and hostels may offer reservation packages with special prices. Crown add different experiences to the packages, to make them more attractive and unique; also will give away some of the rooms that will be precompradas as part of travel packages, through trade promotions and will also be of support, by increasing the discounts for the rooms in the annex.

Very soon, when the country is ready, there will be the chance to get out and enjoy our paradise, to know and evaluate the most; in the meantime, you will be able to provide financial assistance for the tourism industry national, make reservations in advance, and prepares to make that exit as expected and enjoy it in the hand of the Crown.

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