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On the second day of the test the Hollywood actor, Johnny Deppagainst the british newspaper “The Sun”, by alleged defamationhis ex-wife Amber Heard testified and revealed that the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” hit on the occasion, making fun of one of his tattoos.

The pair is in the eye of the storm since her divorce, three years ago, face-to-face, with the courts of London, where the actor 57 years old, has filed a complaint against the british newspaper “The Sun”, accusing the editorial of turning it into an “abuser of women” and a “monster” after he published an article in which he pointed out to beat his ex-wife.

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The actress of 33 years, testified that the actor hit her once under the influence of toxic substances making fun of one of his tattoos, also submitted as evidence the photos you can see a table with four lines cocaine, a fort and an alcoholic beverage, according to andrea Heard was the ‘breakfast’ of Johnny. In addition, an image that is observed by the protagonist of “the Men of the hands of scissors,” unconscious on the floor.

The photos were taken by Heard in his home in Los Angeles in 2013, and he said, him of abusing her physically after having laughed at a tattoo that is the actor that said “Winona Forever”, a memory of his courtship with the actress, but that later changed to “Wino Forever” (“drunkard forever”).

“The lady Heard the mocking of that tattoo,” said the defender of “the Sun”. “It is, therefore, a slap in the face to the lady Felt on her face and that was the first time that has happened,” he said.

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For his part, the actor 57 years old, he accepted that he had a relapse in the alcohol and drugs, at that date, but denies he ever hit his ex-wife, called before the Judge to Amber as a “narcissistic sociopath and a calculator that you married him to advance in his career.”

“Absolutely false,” replied Johnny. “You will not be stuck in Amber”.

The protagonist of “Aquaman” do not remove your finger from the line and presented a photo that shows one of the bruises that would lead to her ex-husband, claiming that inside him there is a double personality.

It is expected that, in this case, also add the testimonies of the exprejas of Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradiswho openly have said that the actor is not a violent man. Also read: Best friend of Amber Heard leaves the lawsuit against Johnny Depp

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