Meghan Treatments in a new job, next to Michelle Obama


Part of the new road that will pass through Meghan Treatments after the independence, with prince Harry of the british crown will be the idea of the world of conferences. And his debut is expected is going to be next week, from 13 to 15 July, when we talk about gender equality and feminism in the occasion of an event that will be even more elaborate, Michelle Obama and Priyanka Chopra.

The interventions will be in the virtual, in the framework of the summit the Girl Up, an initiative of the United Nations has programs in 120 countries and cooperates with more than 65,000 women all over the world. The organizers of this event for global leadership has announced on Monday the participation of the duchess: “oh, this is for the women! But don’t trust what we say. Listen to the advice of Meghan Treatments, duchess of Sussex, for the leading companies at the global level”.

Part of the agenda of the congress will be also to other influential women like Jameela Jamil, actress of the series The Good Placeand Monique Coleman, one of the protagonists of the High School Musical. In addition, they will be the Nobel Peace prize, 2018, Nadia Murad, and Sheryl Sandberg, the number two of the committee of Facebook.

And it will not be the first time that Obama and the Treatments will match. The wife of prince Harry met in 2019, the former first lady for the british edition of Vogue magazine. Their good chemistry is also thanks to the friendship that kept both weddings.

How much you will earn Treatments with the event? It is not known, even if in the middle of Page Six of the united states reported that other speakers of this summit -which this year celebrates 10 years – such as Clinton or Oprah Winfrey came to collect up to a million dollars for every speech. That yes, warned that Treatments do not deal with any topic related to your intimate life, or explain anything about the decision to be independent from the british royal family.

While in many occasions, the international media have claimed that Treatments you want to go back to the fields of performance, now the conferences are a new professional activity, as they are to Harry. The marriage sustains their state of life, and his son, Archie, while in the course of this first year, who lives between California and Canada, prince Charles pays the costs of their security.