Happy! Clarissa Molina is declared ready for the ‘blast of summer’


The republic of COLOMBIA. The footballer and the colombian, Yerry Minahe had some difficult stages in his career recently. The amount of injuries that he has had in the last few years has not allowed to exploit the full potential of the Barcelona and Everton saw in him when they acquired his services. For now, their future is looming uncertain, even if their fans have not lost faith in him and his great skills as a defender.

In your account of Instagram, Yerry shared a photo of the last game, in which you insert a note as follows: “We wanted to win and tried until the last minute. Grateful to GOD for a return to enjoy a full game“. Their fans supported them saying that was not her fault to lose and are really happy to have him back. For others, however, this defeat does not mean anything: they are full of pride for all the accomplishments that he has achieved since he started in Guachené.

The problems and the solution:

The accident, which could result in the loss of an entire season, and he healed them. However, Everton is not so satisfied with his performance. When they paid 30 million euros to bring him to the computer, hoped that Yerry take advantage of the potential appearance that she was wearing. Therefore, Yerry knows that his place in the Everton might be lost, but can not help but feel happy and grateful for the great opportunity that represents for him to be able to play a complete game, without the feeling that his body fails him.

There are rumours that Valencia are willing to buy it, and that it is possible that Everton want to sell at a much lower price compared to what it has obtained. Of all these operations, Yerry Mina knows that the most important thing of all of this is the ability to perform on the playing field with his classmates. Have the health and ability, is the only thing that really matters. If you play Barcelona, Liverpool, Valencia, or any other, Yerry will be happy to live by your greatest dream.