Daniella Álvarez was invited to the next edition of ‘The challenge’ Culture, and the arts


In the edition of July 9, the program Day-to-day, The snail, the former queen of Daniella Alvarez, who a month ago he amputated part of his left leg, has received a special invitation.

Alvarez, who has had a problem with the irrigation of blood from the waist down after a surgery to remove a small tumor that has affected the aorta, has been shown to a large force, after the amputation, showing that we must move forward and fight for life.

In Day-to-day he received the greeting of family and friends, but in addition Sebastián Martino, the producer of the program of the competition The challengeone of the most viewed on the channel Caracol, has made him a job offer.

Then praise your great strength and your unwavering spirit, I was asked to be a part of the new edition of The challengethat is not yet known when it will be done. In fact, the entries this year were suspended at the beginning of march, the emergency that the world is experiencing for the account of the covid-19.

“Super-man is not the more muscle you have, the faster you run or the weight you lift. Super-human is the one that shows the strength in times of difficulty. A true super human is the one who knows that life is a test, that does not leave you defeated the fear, the more that sometimes the obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. We hope he recovers soon, because we want to be a part of our next Challenge”he said Martino.

The manufacturer has added not only wants Alvarez to fill the different issues with his “swing costeña”. His goal is to give to the competitors of the new edition, as well as all the technical equipment in question, “that the serenity and the wisdom, because in these difficult times, we should all spread of these values.”

Alvarez has already presented one of the editions of this contest on the Channel Caracol.