Wimbledon champions: why the winners of the Grand Slam of dancing, and how did this curious tradition | VIDEO | Sport


One of the traditions most memorable that fans lose the Championship tournament is without a doubt the famous dance of the winners post tournament of the tennis tournament, the most important in the world, held every year in London, England.

However, at the root of the contingency of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the third Grand Slam June and July 2020, was suspended last April. This fact is historic and is that the championship since its inception only been canceled twice: in the First and in the Second World War.

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Please note that, in the course of a ceremony, elegant, in which the winners of Wimbledon celebrate their trophies, provide your address and dine among friends and members of the The All England Lawn Tennisthese danced to the rhythm of a music in particular. But, how did this peculiar custom? We know, then, according to the information from Jimena Rodríguez of the Millennium.

This tradition of championship of london began, from the moment the amateur (the time in which the sport was headed only for the upper social classes); however, this is not maintained for several years ago. It is in this sense that, for many fans, is a very special dance 2015 between samples Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams they moved to the rhythm of the Night Fever Bee Gees.

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When the award ceremony of the samples was moved in a small space in the year 1977, the usually disappeared, and is not officially implemented, according to USA Today. Now, it’s up to the players to decide freely if they want to dance or not.

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2016 Andy Murray he does not give in to the dance with Serena Williamsthat he had every intention. “No dancing for me today, unless I took a few glasses of champagne,” said the british player.

A year later, it happened something special. Roger Federer he was champion and Garbiñe Muguruza they have supported it in the final against Marin Cilic as he wanted to dance. The Spanish challenged on twitter with the following post: “is Roger Federer, are you ready to dance?”. Switzerland has replied: “Come, champion!”. But there was the much-anticipated show because there was a good organization; there was no music.

Samples of Wimbledon: the winner of Angelique Kerber is in the show dancing with Novak Djokovic. Photo: capture web Millennium.

The winner Angelique Kerber he excelled in the year 2018 with Novak Djokovicthe protagonist of the epic bailetón 2015. However, the following, once again, the ‘winner’ was rejected by the player Simona Halep.

For its part, the historical tennis player Andre Agassi he commented in his book Open, when he was the champion of Wimbledon in 1992, she wanted to dance with Steffi Graffbut the German, who is now his wife, showed no interest in the tradition that little has been done.