The war: Selena Gomez Vs The Kardashians


Even if the confinement is required has been shown to be a vacation time for many celebs of Hoollywood. The truth is that some of the other, as Selena Gomezthey have dedicated their time to take on new projects. Despite the fact that the singer of “Boyfriend” and socialités don’t seem to have anything in common, now clashed together in the same company.

For this reason, the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber has decided to launch a line of cosmetics called “Rare Beauty”. In discordance with the products of the Kardashian, Selena is not trying to cover up a reality, on the contrary, wants all of their consumers will be able to practice the autoacepación. To achieve its mandate, has carried out various campaigns through its official account of Instagram. This is a fight that involves, because of his ongoing mood problems.

Selena Gomez has decided to diversify, because you will be not only the songs, and the cameras camcorders. Ready to face the world of work, the exactriz Disney is preparing for a new world. As she said, your business will be dedicated to helping people with difficulties. To achieve its mission, has achieved a great scientist named Scott Friedman, in charge of developing the idea.

This man, who also serves as a professor and a medical doctor, said that the project of young entrepreneurs with a solid foundation such as: the beauty, self-acceptance and mental health. While the daughters of Kris Jenner, have prescribed their own standards of beauty, to be planted as the most powerful women and millionaires in the world, the soul fight against the physical?

It should be noted that Kylie Jenner, the businesswoman is 22 years old and the smallest of all the dynasty, Kardashian-Jenner, is one of the most powerful. At present, at the head of a thousand million people, and all this, thanks to the signature of beauty “Kylie Jenner”. In the meantime, it is only a matter of time until you determine which celebrity will be with the crown, even if Selena Gomezwith his humanity, I do not want to.