Finally! Polo Morin reveals the way in which it came from her new lover


MEXICO- Rod Contreras it has been found to be very active in the social network, after his departure from the house Raw. Now he has made an important announcement, through their stories of instagram, and it is certainly something that his followers, already can not wait.

And it is not given to know that soon upload a new video to their Youtube channel, which promises a of this great. It also mentions that it has been prepared from a week ago, however, had been waiting for the right moment to publish it.

In the past few days Rod Contreras he gave a lot to talk about, due to the assumptions and the voices of the fans, that have emerged around their friendship, with also tiktoker Domelipa. That had already been mandated to ensure, that only shared a great friendship.

However, after his departure from the house Raw, the fans assured that the attitude of Rod Contreras it was different. And even more, he seemed much more happy at the side of Domelipa, that of his girlfriend Mont Pantoja. The first of which preferred to turn a deaf ear.

And the fans die, because among the guys, there is something more that a friendship, in order to ensure that your love goes far beyond. And the relationship that it has with Pantoja does not have any future.