DJ Akademiks believes, and unleash the war


In order to understand the beef between 6ix9ine and Meek Mill dating back to years ago, when the hair color rainbow starting to get in trouble but the bad feeling is still alive today that both of the stars, in the news every time with your attacks.

However, now the thing, and not just between the two of them, as DJ Akademiks he wanted to get in the middle and express your opinion on the matter after Meek Mill take a time to say to all of you for the support Tekashi.

Tekashi 6ix9ine, Meek Mill,, Akademiks, and the struggle to “be real”

The controversial interviewer has always taken a position publicly in favour of the 69 and not only that, but now heavily loaded against the Mill, which has sparked the the final war between all of them.

From the one hand, of Myths, he said “Akademiks has been cancelled” because “has not done anything for the culture” and, according to him, “do not need someone like him in the picture”.

Akademiks is cancelled because it is an evil police, and our culture does not need … is also launched a lot of beef that has killed and injured people without giving even a dollar for the culture!

For another, the DJ said that “Mild is a hypocrite because he has signed with the seal of the police of Rick Ross and Roc Nation”, that is ceo Desiree Perez an alleged collaborator with the authorities to dismantle a cartel, or what is the same, an alleged chivata, as 6ix9ine.

@meekmill here is my response to your cancellation. Reply to @ 6ix9ine and @darealquilly into question your CHARACTER, before you think about trying to delete someone else. You are the biggest hypocrite in rap if not. Until then, don’t listen to #meekmandela

DJ Akademiks also answered that “he could not undo for anyone”and even though the battle started on Twitter, quickly went to Instagram to pull out the heavy artillery (with 69 on the side).

Also, Tekashi said that he was going to start the count as the industry, in reality,given that many artists are thrown by the roll that they are real, and at the end you are sold on him.

DJ Akademiks says that “Meek Mill fear of 6ix9ine”

DJ Akademiks also occurred to him to say that “Mild was afraid of 69for that alone, he had answered he,” addressing him as “Myths Mandella” and assuring that “even if he believed that someone important in hip hop, not what it was.”

But in the midst of all this, as well got 50 Cent who has chatted with Lil Wayne, his Young Money Radio, supporting the words of the AK, but without naming names not found beef with Meek Mill. Then, 69, has decided to comment publicly that I wanted to see the response of the Mill Curtis, the challenge in front of him.

# 50cent was with #lilwayne on #youngmoneyradio yesterday. How about who are you talking about?

All of this can be a bit complicated to understand, but if we remember that for Tekashi have wished that the music that a lot of times to be a squealer, when at the end all are in the same bagthe what will change.

Then that Meek Mill is considered to be a “hypocrite” for many, given that his record label and representation companies are managed by people who have collaborated with the police, or, when you are supposed to be fighting for the reform of the Criminal Code of the united States.

Really none of this has much importance, but can not finish discovering a lot of cases artists that have done the same thing, 69 and we do not know. So we will be more careful than ever how it all works.

You will make peace some day, DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine and Meek Mill?