The new collection of Lego with images of the Beatles, Andy Warhol, Marvel and more


Photo: Lego

Lego has launched a new line of products focused on the recreation of the pop icons. Aimed to create works of art and decoration, the Danish brand will launch in the month of September, the line Lego Artwe invite you to relax, listen, and build.

The collection contains four icons, the undisputed pop culture: the famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe from Andy Warholfour The Beatlescharacters Star Wars and the other The films of the Marvel universe. Thus, each set of parties, leads us to fit one of these milestones of pop culture and has a picture that, after assembly, can also be used as an object of artistic decoration.

Each image is composed of the 3,000 pieces about: Marilyn Monroe 3.332 pieces, the Beatles has 2.933 (to put together, with each musician separately or the four together), the Iron Man consists of 3.156 parts, and Star Wars has 3.395 (be able to choose between Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or Kylo Ren).

Photo: Lego

Each set has a cost of 120 dollars approximately and will be on sale starting from September. From the page that we invite you to test this new line-oriented, especially, for adults:

“Connect with your creative side, and channel your inner artist and create a magnificent example of art that is love. Give your personal space or office with an iconic touch with your own version of pop art, favorite, from Andy Warhol, the Beatles, Marvel Studios and the saga Star Wars“.