I ask for the screams!!! Taylor Swift and the reason for his acclamation to the public


The singer Taylor Swiftit was one of the celebrities known worldwide. Despite the fact that his fame is due to the success of his songs, the actor has won the hearts of his fans with his wonderful humanity. This famous woman who claims to be a “philanthropist”, is a person who recognizes and respects every living being. Also, since it has had the power in their bank accounts, has not stopped helping the needy.

Thanks to these human characteristics, all their fans have decided to place the singer as a global trend. All this flurry of comments, was born after the rapper Kanye West, has decided to publish through your account officer Twitterhis candidacy for president of the united States. Despite the fact that many fans of african-americans agreed, others rejected the idea with one another better.

Nominated for the crowd

In this moment comes out the famous Taylor Swiftbecause many of his most faithful followers, and was appointed as the more honest option. In addition, between the West and Taylor there is a deterioration of relationships, and this is the reason why his fans have not stopped to confront them, even if among these there was another exchange of words.

Through the platform of the little blue bird, a few followers commented on: “Waiting for arrivals Swift and applying to president and play Look What You Made me Do when beat Kanye”. In fact, some internet users also made mention of Selena Gomez as president. In a few words, to the enemies of the West, this was a very bad idea, which can never be supported.

It should be noted that the hostility of a Swift with the West began when he interrupted her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. Reached a tipping point in 2016, after You have released his music video for “Famous,” which features a wax figure of nude that is Taylor Swift lying next to the West in the bed.