Ten films “based on real events” that he used this famous phrase to attract viewers


There are occasions in which, and in addition there are the licenses creative’s own leap to the big screen, any similarity with the reality of who has started the film seems to be a coincidence.

Madrid, July 06, (EuropaPress).- “A film based on actual events”. This sentence acts, in not a few cases, such as huge claim to attract the viewer that, to know that what you see on screen actually happened, it feels like your attraction, and your attention, multiplies. However, what happens when the tape is advertised as such, but adulterated essential aspects the story on which it is based?

It is obvious that, even if a movie is based on real facts, can never be 100% faithful to what happened, this is a lucky film that corresponds to the documentary genre. But there are occasions in which, and in addition there are the licenses creative’s own leap to the big screen, any similarity with the reality of who has started the film seems to be a coincidence.

So, the tag “based on or inspired by real events” is just becoming a bit of a publicity stunt. These are 10 movies which were sold as stories based on real events… that never happened.

HOSTEL (2005)


Eli Roth has stated that the idea of Hostal came to him, while the pool of Quentin Tarantino. That day she read a news article on the Internet a website of a holiday in Thailand, where customers get paid to kill people. First he decided to make a documentary about it, finally, has chosen to use the news to create a fiction film.

The problem is that the site is false (don’t believe everything that is on the network). In spite of this, Roth has decided to continue to promote the tape as inspired by real events, causing great indignation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the film was shot, to offer a distorted image of life in the countries of Eastern Europe.



The patriot it tells the story of captain Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), a man just to fight in the War of Independence of the united States. The film the lives of hundreds of people to create Martin, Roland Emmerich was inspired by Thomas Sumter, Daniel Morgan, Nathanael Greene, Andrew Pickens, and Francis Marion.

The main criticism came from that was used only the positive elements of each of them, omitting some very serious, some of them. On the other hand, a much-criticized has been the portrait that Emmerich has given to the English, turning them into beings cruel and inhuman treatment, and offers an image that is very distorted of what happened during the war.

21 BLACKJACK (2008)


In the case of 21 blackjack it is fun, the belt directed by Robert Luketic is based on the book Bringing Down the House Ben mezrich eventually, that would be a reference to a group that was dedicated to calculate the probability of winning in the casinos of Las Vegas. However, the book itself, it was discovered that, in fact, it took some real references and that the alleged gang that protagonizaba was fiction.

Therefore, what is shown in the movie had not, for nothing, in real terms, as a basis, besides be played by actors of caucasian race, while in the book to mezrich eventually were asian, although this detail, taking into account that were not true, in the end, because they did not have much importance.



This film came from or who painted the phrase “do not let the reality spoil a good headline”. Beyond that little bit of ethics it can be to sell a film with the premise of being based on real events, which it is not.

The main criticism of this tape, sci-fi starring Milla Jovovich, is that to give credibility that he has told the true stories of mysterious disappearances of people in Alaska, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the company has continued to create a web site that has published false news in several newspapers of Alaska, that in fact there are, in addition to manipulate the genuine information, disappearances, and suicides in the area, to give them that touch of “cool,” I was looking for. Finally, the production company was sued.



If there is a movie that illustrates very well the pretend to be based on real facts, that is The Da Vinci code. Despite the fact that three decades before the publication of the best seller Dan Brown is dismantling the master’s thesis, when it proved to be such a code, as the other book in that it is based on the novel Brown, The holy blood and the Holy grailwere false, Brown preferred to believe that they were the thesis true, something that also plays movies. On more than one occasion, has had to contradict that, under the Louvre Pyramid is buried, Mary Magdalene.



This version of Terror in Amityville based on one of the most well-known cases of crime in the united States. In 1974, a 23 year old guy, Ronald DeFreo, they killed his parents and four brothers and sisters. Sentenced to life in prison, such was the horror of the crimes, that was born the urban legend that the ghosts lived in the house, a voice that began with the following tenants of the property, the family Lutz, who felt a supernatural force in the house.

Even if the urban legend was the cause of the beginning of a successful horror franchise, Dossier Warrenwhat is certain is that, after the accident, of Lutz, has not been reported any type of event strange in that house.



Both the film and the book from which it is drawn, which connects to the sighting of a strange creature with the wings of the moth and the humanoid body with the collapse of the bridge, the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasante, West Virginia (united States). Beyond that you do not have confirmation of this, the sightings were real, the film and the book ignored deliberately the reason for the collapse, which killed 46 people. It was discovered that the bridge fell due to poor maintenance, and even the breaking of one of the plates of the chain suspension.



It is true that Save the soldier Ryan never presumed to be based on real facts. The film itself is a point of reference in the case of brothers, world number, two of them died during the allied landing in Normandy, while another has been given up for dead in the Pacific. She did only one, stationed in France, has come back to life, but his return was much more quiet in the mission of Spielberg, the movie.

Also, the brother given up for dead appeared alive in a prisoner of war camp in Burma. On the other hand, unlike the film, the mother of world number had is not just, as it had been left with her two daughters.

THE KING (2019)


The movie of David Michôd claims to be based on true events in the life of Henry V of England and his conflict with France in the Hundred Years War. But, in fact, his inspiration were the works of William Shakespeare, based on the life of this monarch, from his childhood until his death.

As historians know, Shakespeare took many licenses creative to tell the reasons for the war and the exploits of the sovereign. Michôd, in addition, most of the licenses also, causing the phrase “based on actual events” makes no sense at all.



It would have been great Killer elite we have drawn freely in the book The Feather Man of Ranuplh Fiennes, but it was not so. The film has been sold as based on actual events, when Fiennes was sued by the relatives of the dead soldiers described in his writing, because of their death, which really has not happened, as the story is told.