It is a fact! Taylor Swift owes her success to the love


Love is the force that move the world and muse to millions of artists, painters, musicians, and singers. The dopamine, oxytocin and phenylethylamine increases 7000 times its quantity in the human body, which, of course, impacts not only mood, but also the way of seeing things. In against part, the lack of love also inspires, and this, without any doubt, this is the key to the success of the famous personalities as Taylor Switcht.

Despite the fact that the singer of “Lover”, has a sheltered life from the tabloids, it is not a secret to the list of people who have passed through her heart. And it was thanks to these that the celebrity is able to reach the hearts of millions of fans. In summary, the Tay, which owes its best success to the breakups with their ex-partner.

A list of reasons

To start the count, is his love story with Joe Jonas, who has suffered a tragic separation and is able to be inspired to write such hits as: “Always and forever”, “the Holy Land”, “the Last Kiss” and “Better than revenge”. On the other hand, is Taylor Lautner, who wrote “Back to December”, a novel that began after the recording of the film “Valentine’s day”, but that proved to be unstable.

Also, is your history with John Mayer, after their rupture, he wrote and released the single “Dear John”. This was the dedication of more direct that you did Taylor Swiftof a love that died prematurely. Also, thanks to those letters, we won an enemy immediately, Katy Perry, who was the current girlfriend of actor for that time.

It should be noted that the prize and the supreme is what brings your current partner, Joe Alwyn, who has dedicated almost a whole album. By the end of 2019, was born on their album “Lover”, that speaks of life, love and how beautiful it feels to have someone with whom to share. Beyond philanthropy, it seems that the u.s. takes advantage of their feelings to win the affection of all.