The wicks of rejuvenation Jennifer Aniston, tricks poscuarentena


Jenn is not one of those celebrities addicted to social networks, but when you publish a post or stories on Instagram, always accompanies the image of a strong message. On this occasion, under the hashtag #wearadamnmask (be sure to wear a damn mask), Jennifer Aniston, has applauded all americans to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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But, in addition to its regulatory form and share an honest selfi without a drop of makeup and by showing your face free of wrinkles, Aniston has shown her perfect, small, and illuminating wicks had returned to her mane.

During the first weeks of the global pandemic by the coronavirus, and the united States are governed by the quarantine voluntary this means that Hollywood has given all of himself without reserve. But it was only the beginning, because the ‘block’ came inevitably to the country of bars and stars, and the celebrity has seen their beauty, centres trust closed indefinitely.

Most avispadas, like Kaia Gerber, has managed to dye your hair at home, but Jennifer Aniston seems that she is not successful. That or just leave it his mane, which has become an icon of the massesto be remodeled by a single person. The case is that the actress stopped posting photos, the paparazzi have not been able to get a snapshot of your and your hair was still free and without seasoning of glamour.

This is our theory of the capillary, of course. To develop it is based on a track. March 4, ten days before the World Health Organization (WHO), and was ordained by a global pandemic, Jennifer Aniston shared a nice self-portrait with your dogencourage all to vote. Your hair, especially the wicks, do not seem to have more than a month since almost had a root visible.

But there is the selfi poscovid, to prove that Jenn just went through the pit-lane, and you can still smell the styling products in the room. Now the hair of the base looks darker and therefore absorbs the majority of the attention. “It is not, then, what I have now, to bring the color to work with a good base color, and wicks much thinner has worked with damage free free-handto get a more natural effect and which does not require a visit to the salon so continued. This is a change, because she will usually bring a little more uniform, and here is very irregular,” explains our expert gp, Eduardo Sanchez, Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

Jennifer Aniston, with her perfect wicks in the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. (Getty)
Jennifer Aniston, with her perfect wicks in the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. (Getty)

But then, what is your new color, and why there seems to be so bright? “In all likelihood, Jennifer Aniston wears a color made with flakes of silver paper, because they are fragments of root, and very marked in the case of a blond-beige. The problem with these wicks is that as soon as the root grows a little, you need to embellish because they are very noticeable,” says Eduardo Sanchez.

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Again, the crisis of the coronavirus has cmabiado completely the prevailing trends and those to come. We will not see the wicks thick or blonde and pink, but a rebirth of the golden blonde and eye-catching. And Jennifer Aniston, we only need to demonstrate that it has an unexpected power illuminator and, above all, of rejuvenation.

“I want what that leads to Jennifer!”.