The meats and vegetables that you need to know


The other day I discovered that Kentucky Fried chicken has been added to the fashion of the meat plant. Certainly, it is a bomb. Are included in his letter a couple of nuggets that have been called “beyond the fried chicken.” For now are available only in Atlanta, but from time to time. And not here is the thing, Dunkin Donuts also adds to the wave and have introduced in their menu for the breakfast sandwich sausage plant. Both products are the trademark of Beyond Meat, the company of which I spoke some time ago, which has managed to fill a large part of the restaurants around the world with your burger ” taste to the meat.

How and why do they call it meat? If it is not. Well, for several reasons. The first, because it is better to say, meat and vegetables that give the exact definition of the product, which, moreover, the goal is to imitate the flavor of the meat product. And here we give the answer to the second classic question: why would a vegan want to know meat. Let’s start, because a product is vegan or 100% plant-based, it does not mean that she is destined to be a vegan. In fact, most of the products of this type are intended for those who wish to reduce their consumption of meat“, but I like his taste.” This is where the market is, who would want to reduce their consumption, but at the same time flipa.

And all of this, why? If you are going to reports of trends in food, there is no doubt that the meat is quite out of fashion. It is estimated that in 2021, 35% of generation Z to leave out their meat-based dishes. They, like the followers of Greta Thunberg and leader of change, now between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, but will soon be those who fill the rooms of the restaurants, and now there are those who are ready. Start the large chains, who will follow them? Every time I see a new opening in Valencia, even more when they are sugar-cane growing, and young people, I’m going to hunt for the letter in search of a side dish. No. How is it possible that in a letter of 20 dishes, there is none of the vegetables? Is mania or pure recklessness? Because many times you will discover when you ask them the possibility of a plant. There are a lot of options of vegetables and vegetable proteins, if you know how to cook, are brutal. So here we go.

What plant proteins are on the market?


The last pump. A couple of months ago, when he was still able, I walked into a Mexican restaurant, Madrid, and poof, there it was in the letter, taco Heura. Give me 3 of those ALREADY. Heura is the new substitute vegetable of the chicken meat fact soy-based, and seriously, it is even more good than the chicken itself. City have already seen some of the paella with Heura, and it’s not bad, eye. Is a Spanish company that aims to provide proteins with a high positive impact in the world through sustainable food, nutritious and delicious. Are chicken strips vegan with original taste or spicy, meatballs and hamburgers (vegetarian, for me, is better than the famous in Addition.

Soy textured

Here there are thousands of brands that are capitalizing on this product, not to win fame, and Mercadona sa because it has never been absent during the period of quarantine. Soy textured it contains no additives or dyes, and is not 100% natural. But, what is it? It is as simple as the extraction of soya-bean oil, which has as a consequence the dried beans, that before you eat you need to moisturize. It is used as a substitute for ground beef to make the bolognese, empanadas, lasagna and a lot of recipes, and with a little bit of love is when you are cooking, it is spectacular. I did the test with carnivores.

The Seitan

This meat plant is made from wheat gluten, 100% vegetable. We can find filleted, sliced and crushed. In Valencia, Dempanadas knows very well how to cook it. They are a mess of seitan and mushrooms for sucking the fingers. Another way of cooking that I like in the wet. The potato, the onion, the carrot, a splash of wine and chunks of seitan. Mare meua.


A base in Indonesia. Their grilled Tempeh with Satay sauce (peanut sauce) have been around the world, because it is incredible. What is tempeh? it is presented in the form of a block. The classic is made on the basis of soy beans that are fermented together with a fungus, there is no more secret. But tempeh can be made with any legumes, such as chickpeas, wheat and seeds. A nice walk from a book of asian cooking, you have to do is to learn how to take advantage of it.


The most well-known and the more time between us thanks to the cuisine of the east. Is the fruit to coagulate the soy milk or the drink the appearance of ricotta cheese. Among all the proteins of which we have spoken, this is famous for the little flavor it has, but that is solved with a few spices and ready. It is primarily used in asian cuisine both in the form of tacos, stir-fries or raw in some soups or pasta dishes or rice. But it has many other uses. For example, with the tofu is to make a multitude of cheeses, vegetables, cream fillings for pies such as a quiche.

Most of these products are natural and contain no additives, in fact many of them can be prepared at home very easily. And even if I don’t like the abuse of drugs that are in containers of very natural, that may be, the day that you open a new restaurant that includes the two of them in your letter to lead a party.