Johnny Depp and his legal battle with Amber Heard, gives a new turn in favor of the plaintiff


The judge in the case of Depp against the british “The Sun” by the accusations of abuse towards his ex-wife has issued a new order.

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I remember that months ago we found out that Johnny has raised a question to the newspaper the irish and the british “The Sun”, as well as its executive director, Dan Wootton due to the publication of an article in the month of April, 2018, which states that there has been no clear and unequivocal evidence that he had abused Amber Heard.

So now, the court has issued in favor of the plaintiff, after rejecting the newspaper’s request to dismiss the lawsuit that stopped a legal process several months ago.

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In the same way, the legal team for the newspaper, based on its defense that the actor has tried to get dr0gas the first of three days of physical aggression against Heard, by reference to some post in which the actor has spoken about the “happy pills” and “things white”.

And, even if the trial, which was suspended last march by the health crisis, the last three weeks and will be among the witnesses with some of the previous couples of the actor, singer Vanessa Paradis, actress Winona Ryder, who have always defended and spoke positively of him.

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And if this outside little, also in this case, Depp has taken off another defamation suit separately against Amber in the united States, which will be brought into judgment until 2021.

Apparently everything that is happening in the present, are situations in which the beautiful actress Amber Heard lose the credibility of all the judgments that were issued against her ex-husband.

You have joined a series of accusations to herself, and were witnesses to refute the claims made for damage to the image of johnny Depp. Increasingly, the evidence in favor of the plaintiff, and I think that will be the one that wins in the end, the cause, and who knows, maybe Amber will win a time in prison for defamation.