TikTok viral: woman caught on social networks and YouTube to be the same as the singer Ariana Grande | trend


TikTok continues to amaze all of its users with a new video and amazing. On this occasion, a young woman decided to go crazy all over the world and recording a movie in which shows their great similarity with the singer Ariana Grande, becoming trend in the social networks.

His name is Jami Alixa girl who likes to do tutorials on makeup, beauty tips or a video in which he recounts his life in Los Angeles. However, on this occasion, decided to surprise all of you.

The protagonist had received in the past few weeks some of the comments that his followers would have noted its similarity with the artist, but it is only recently that took courage and was able to run the long-awaited video.

In the movie, the girl appears to be covering her face for a few seconds, and after having obtained the attention of the public, Jami it reveals their great similarity with all the features of the face with Ariana Grande.

The video has become viral at the time, and already has more than 2 million reproductions TikToka platform that has become trendy during this quarantine. Also, because of the large amount of views, it is also found in YouTubewhere she has reached millions of views.