Shakira performs ‘the Sun rises’ in the ‘Overall Objective to Merge’


“An honor to be here today to participate in the concert #GlobalGoalunite and sing for you. I invite you to join us and summon our leaders to ensure a treatment for COVID-19 available for all”, with these words on the morning of this Saturday, Shakira has called on his followers to participate in this initiative, which will participate with one of their songs.

The barranquilla has chosen the song ‘the sun Comes out ” for their participation, but before leaving, he emphasised the importance of the accessibility of the vaccine for everyone.

“Latin america is today the epicentre of this pandemic, and experts say that Africa will be the next. We need to make sure that everyone has access to care and health service, in these places, or otherwise make more difficult the distribution of the vaccine. We need to do everything possible to prevent catastrophic damage, thousands of lives could be at risk from this virus and other deadly effects of poverty such as hunger. We can all do something about it and that’s why we’re here today,” he said.