New trailer for “the Black Widow” are on the way


The film The “Black Widow” of Marvel Studios has had to delay its launch until November, because of the global pandemic, but now it’s been confirmed that you will get a few trailers new The “black widow”, despite the fact that Marvel already released the trailer of “the end” of the tape.


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The British Board of Film Classification have just recorded not one, if not two new trailer of the “Black Widow”, one that will last 2m 38s, and another that lasts 1m 44s.

This is good news for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universefrom the moment that the franchise has remained silent in recent monthssince the global outbreak of pandemic halted production Marvel Studios.

Still do not know when will fall the new trailer of “Black Widow”, but there is a good guess: San Diego Comic-con will be a convention virtual call “Comic-con @ Home”, this year, because of the global pandemic.


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If good, Marvel Studios does not have a presence at the convention this year in terms of panelsit remains to be seen if Marvel could use the increased presence of fans simply line up the debut of the new trailer of the film as “the Black Widow”.

The “black widow” marks the beginning of a long wait, stage IV, the Films of the Marvel Universe, in essence, giving the franchise a new start after “Avengers: ENDGAME” that closes the saga of the infinite.

The “Black Widow” if you are not suffering from any other delay, comes to the cinema 6 of November of this year.