I’m back! Justin Bieber says “hello” to your great love


The famous canadian singer, Justin Bieber, is back for the adventures that have characterized the past. Then taking up his marriage, and for the conversion of their faith, the performer of “Yummy” had disappeared from the scandals, until a short time ago. A couple of weeks ago, the young star has been accused of sexual abuse and harassment by two girls of anonymous, which has shocked not only the entire world, but also to his wife Hailey Bieber.

After hearing these terrifying stories, the model has decided to take a break and leave the den. Without caring about absolutely nothing, Hailey traveled to Europe in the company of his friend Bella Hadid; it was here that many followers have raised the hypothesis that the couple was going through a difficult time. Also, he came to demand the return of Hailey to the arms of the canadian.

And able love!

To calm all the fans, Justin Bieberwas to show, through the platform of snapshots, the tender and emotional return of her partner. Also, the same Baldwin published “Instagram History” where were the exotic pets of the singer, two cats that seem to be a species of dwarf leopard. The images that calmed the anxieties of the 140 million fans of the singer, as it seems that there is nothing to fear.

Since the model has left the house, Justin, decided to make their love public. Through his official account of Instagramfull of love for the celebrities and took care to ensure how much he loved her. To continue with this tradition, the Sunday afternoon decided to publish a photo of Hailey in which he said that “MY”. If there remained any doubt, the interpreter of “stucco”, has made it very clear that I was still with the american.

In the meantime, while the famous figure of “Levis” was the journey, Justin Bieber he decided to continue to help those most in need. The singer performed a rendition in a concert online, called the “Global Objective: “united for our future”. This activity was carried out with the purpose of raising funds to ensure good care for all the people affected by the Covid-19. In particular, for those who have been marginalized by their social status.