Zac Efron Netflix: ‘Down-To-Earth”, the documentary of Zac Efron, which will be presented in preview, Netflix | Entertainment


Netflix features a large catalog of productions for all tastes. One of the alternatives that many users prefer are documentaries, which try to reflect a part of reality.

A very important issue at the global level is the environment, so Netflix has decided to incorporate ‘Down To Earth’or in Latin america”Zac Efron: down-to-earth’which aims to encourage care of the planet.

This time, the actor has made a travel accompanied by an expert in preservation and founder of SuperLife Darin Olienin which have discovered customs sustainable and ways to live completely healthy in each of the places visited.

The followers of the interpreter of the serial killer Ted Bundy, have been very excited with his new project, because Efron is also famous for the support of the most organizations in favour of the the preservation of the environment.

This documentary is a bet on the sustainable alternativesin which both protagonists lead the spectators to a compatible with the future with the environment. In addition, in ‘Down To Earth’it is possible to know and discover the cultures of different countries.

“We need to start rethinking the way we consume everything, from our food and our energy. The change must begin somewhere, perhaps it is time for all of us to change, it is time to put your feet on the ground” Efron said in the trailer for the documentary.

The production will be presented in the preview the next July 10a journey that may accompany Zac Efron in the pursuit of sustainability.