What does it mean? The new tattoo of Dove Cameron (‘The Descendants’) generates a ‘dark’ debate


Dove Cameron it was a star Disney from a very young age, but it was his role in the saga of ‘The Descendants’ when you become an icon for his generation.

The young man, who also has a successful musical careerhe is an example to their millions of followers the overcoming of and work.

In addition, Cameron has always been very open and has been shown to be vulnerable with their problems mental health and the tragedy of his life, as the the loss of his father (so the name was changed to Dove) and the death of his friend Cameron Boyce.

After these hard months of imprisonment, where the actress has shared what was going on, and now he has shown his fans that has made a new tattoo: a snake curled up in his foot.

In a few hours, the publication already has almost a million reactions and thousands of comments asking what does it mean the project, because Dove tends to give meanings that are very important to the ink in the skin.

There are some that have even theorized that this is his “dark part”, in reference to the biblical symbol dove (neat, miraculous) of his name with that of the snakemore representative of temptation and evil.

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