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The city of the Arts makes its debut with their live shows in streaming

The city hall of the City of Art makes its debut with their live shows in streaming

The City of the Theatre of the Arts debuts this weekend its a virtual way of live shows, to return to the activity. After the implementation of a sanitary protocol that enables the creation of free shows for the public to be broadcast via streaming, house of art, will present tomorrow to the 22 musical show of the Scharoun Ensemble. The transmission of the “Virtual Theater” will be able to follow live via the official page of Facebook of the Theater (@teatrociudadadelasartes) and free of charge.

The musical group to bring the scene to their size, “Phil” to provide a set of programming that interact in vivo with the symphonic instruments. The significance of this number of the assembly is to find a sound that you find inside the electronic music, without losing the unmistakable mark of the Philharmonic, and his pop symphonic. In addition, the series of concerts will be interrupted, in a moment of the evening gala, for a lock-down acoustic pop. From the musical ensemble described in this segment of the show as a way of transporting the listener to an atmosphere more intimate and emotional.

The repertoire of the group includes the versions of the consecrated artists of the current pop such as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, and the classic themes of Rock. The Theatre has chosen the band for the debut of the show virtual live his original proposal with the press of the regime and instrumentation for symphony orchestra. Their sound, made from a mix of instruments of the symphony such as violin, cello, oboe, and clarinet, merged with the stamps of more conventional electric guitar, keyboard, or drums, trying to break the stereotype of music “art music” and “popular music”.

In this way, the house of art, has promised to continue to enhance the content with the poster “to bring home a unified programming, online and for free at the halls of the complex.” In addition, the authorities of the City of the Arts indicated that “the efforts of the institution are designed to ensure access to the various cultural proposals, adapting the arrangements to ensure the implementation of the protocols”.

Other works

Even if the premiere of “the virtual Theatre” will be the live performance from the Philharmonic hall, this weekend the City of Arts will offer other features for the whole family. Today to 22 the premiere of “segment of White and Mabel”, also through the Facebook of the room, with the pictures of Clara Segura and Cecilia Di Marco. This work shows two friends who pass quarantine without being able to work for the pandemic. “Together, they are able to be active and in contact”, noted in the detail of the event.

The second live broadcast will be on Sunday at 17 with “The relations between the owner and the mice”. The Puppet Company Paradise will have its characters of cloth to tell a story between the mouse Totón and the owner of a field. “Both of you sit the treatment of the process of planting, care, and to receive the fruits of the earth. Between dimes and arguments to formulate a problem that will be resolved between the audience and the characters,” announced the organization for the invitation.