Shakira would have attended an evening gala of the Foundation


The the decrease of the billing FC Barcelona because of the pandemic has been sprayed all instances of the entity barcelona. Leaders have worked intensely during the months in which the cessation of activity to worsen day-to-day forecast to adjust as much as it was possible the costs for the new reality of income. The cuts have also affected the Foundation, in full celebration of the his 25 years history.

The past the month of January took place the celebration of the institutional of the club with partners-commissioners, in which he participated Josep Maria Bartomeuin addition Jordi Cardoner and Maria Vallèsamong others, but in addition to that day had prepared a program of events for the anniversary ambitious. One of the main events it was an act that was going to take place in the Camp Nou and that was to take place a collection of charity for the Foundation.

The the budget of the event was € 750,000 and the Fundació Barça hoped to raise much more, in collaboration with the different foundations to which it is associated. The foundations and collaborators, at different levels sponsor, generate 50% of the the income of the Foundation. The other 50% is generated from your own Boat: 0.7% of revenues and 0.5% of the salaries of the players and technical professionals.

And one of the statements in the case of preparations the The Fundació Barça it was the performance of Shakira, who was in negotiations to participate in a short performance with one or two musical numbers during the gala evening beneficial.

Currently there are 1.6 million children and girls in 58 countries around the world that benefit from the different campaigns the Foundation fc barcelona, in Catalonia, it helps to 530,000 disadvantaged children.

The Foundation developed several programs for the prevention of bullying and violence, as well as for refugees and migrants, in the social inclusionaccess to education and the well-being pediatric.