What happened on the 2nd of July?


On a day like today, July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart and her navigator Frederick Noonan disappear during her attempt to fly around the world between New Guinea and Howland Island, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Never found any trace of the aircraft, including Earhart or Noonan.

Years after, the July 2, 2013a pair of Russian spies, whose code name was Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag they have been imprisoned in Germany after being convicted of espionage. According to reports, the couple had moved from West Germany, over twenty years ago and who had been a spy for Russia. They were discovered in 2011, after helping a spy for the Dutch. Want to know more? Find out what happened to July 2.

What happened on the 2nd of July?

In Spain

2 July
The grand Lodge of Spain

1489: muslims of the city of Motril (Granada surrenders to the Catholic monarchs.
1982in Madrid, with the decree of the National Grand Lodge of French, was created the Grand Lodge of Spain.

In the world

2 July

1934in Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the murder of their political opponents (the Night of the Long Knives). He is killed in the military, the nazi Ernst Röhm.
1937in the middle of the Pacific ocean, the aviadora the american Amelia Earhart and her pilot navigator Fred Noonan sent a last message during the attempt to make the first voyage around the world along the equator.
1950: in the city of Kyoto (Japan), a monk with mental health problems, sets fire to the Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji).
1962: in Rogers (Arkansas) opens the first supermarket Walmart.
1964: Washington d.c. (United states), president Lyndon B. Johnson signed a decree ending the american apartheid.
1966: on the atoll of Mururoa, the French Government detonates its first atomic bomb, Aldebaran.
1986: in the municipality of Estacion Central (Santiago de Chile), in the context of a protest against the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, a military patrol burnt alive two people.
2000Mexico, Vicente Fox becomes the first opposition candidate to defeat the Institutional Revolutionary Party in a presidential election.
2001: implants first artificial heart AbioCor.
2002: on the border between Germany and Switzerland collide in flight, a Passenger 154 and a Boeing 757 cargo; killed 71 people, including 52 Russian children who went on holiday to Barcelona (Spain).
2002Steve Fossett is the first person who manages to circumambulate “only” the world non-stop in a hot air balloon.
2005: in the countries of the G8 (Group of Eight), and south Africa are held recital in aid of Live 8, to call for the end of poverty in the world. More than a thousand musicians are broadcast on 182 television channels.
2006: in Mexico we celebrate the election of the president and the two candidates pointers are declared the winners. The election would be contested in court, was elected president of the Republic, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, candidate of the National Action Party (PAN).
2007: in Yemen, eight Spanish tourists and two yemenis killed in a suicide bombing.1
2008: in Colombia, the army performs the Operation Jaque, in which he saved 15 hostages, among them Ingrid Betancourt, three us contractors and eleven soldiers held by the guerrilla group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).
2015: Bogota (Colombia), the explosion of two bombs. Blaming the guerrilla group the ELN (National Liberation Army).

Born on the 2nd of July?

In Spain

2 July
Marc Navarro

1934: Antonio Vera Ramírez (as Lou Carrigan), a writer.
1950: Salvador Llopis, american.
1957Paco Maestre, a Spanish actor of cinema and television.
1967From : Jorge Fonte, writer and essayist, film the canary islands.
1977: Enrique Fernando Ortiz Moruno, american.
1982By : Diego Castro, american.
1987: Esteban Granero, football player.
1995By : Marc Navarro, american.

In the world

2 July
Ashley Tisdale

1930By : Carlos Saul Menem, president of argentina between 1989 and 1999.
1938David Owen, a physician and a british politician.
1939: Richard Petty, the driver and the owner of team motor racing american.
1940: Kenneth Clarke, british politician.
1942By : Vicente Fox, the mexican president between 2000 and 2006.
1946: Ron Silver, american actor.
1947: Larry David, actor, actor, producer and american screenwriter.
1949: Roy Bittan, american pianist, band And Street Band.
1951: Sylvia Rivera, an activist for LGBT american.
1952: Johnny Colla, guitarist and saxophonist, the american band Huey Lewis and the News.
1956: Jerry Hall, model and an american actress.
1969: Jenni Rivera, singer / songwriter, the mexican-american.
1985: Ashley Tisdale, actress, model and american singer.
1986Lindsay Lohan, actress, singer, model and american designer.
1990: Margot Robbie, australian actress.

Horoscope: Which zodiac sign are those born on the 2nd of July?

The cancer

Died on the 2nd of July?

In Spain

2 July
Shrimp of the Island

1961By : Francisco Asorey, the sculptor.
1981: Mercedes Prendes and actress.
1992: Camarón de la Isla (Jose Monge), singer and guitarist of flamenco.
1998: Juan José Nogués, american.
2010: Victor Font, cartoonist.
2014: Manuel Cardona, physical and academic.

In the world

2 July
James Stewart

1961Ernest Hemingway, american journalist and writer, nobel prize for literature.
1977: Vladimir Nabokov, writer and literary critic Russian.
1991: Lee Remick, american actress.
1997: James Stewart, american actor.
1999: Mario September, writer and writer american.
2002: Jean Yves Daniel-Lesur, composer and French organist.
2005: Ernest Lehman, director, producer and screenwriter american.
2006: Jan Murray, american comedian and actor.
2008By : Simone Ortega, author of cooking books.
2014: Harold W. Kuhn, a mathematician and academician of the united states (no. 1925).
2014Louis Zamperini, a u.s. runner (b. 1917).
2016: Michael Cimino, writer, producer and director american.
2016: Elie Wiesel, writer, Romanian, and a survivor of the nazi Holocaust, for the Nobel peace Prize in 1986.

What is celebrated on the 2nd of July?

2 July
Stephen III of Moldavia

San Bernardino Realino, a jesuit.
Stephen III of Moldova.