The journalist argentine Pablo Carro excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for calling him fat and criticize her friendship with Maluma (PLAYERS COLOMBIAN OUT)


From the moment of registration to the club ‘millionaire, and, in January 2018, this communicator has been set at the appearance of the curve to the left, it is based on prejudice, and he mentioned his friendship with Maluma doubt. Now, 2 and a half years later, the same journalist Paul Bandwagon excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for calling him fat and put in doubt.

And the day of the presentation, it was not the only occasion they attacked him, the Carriage, also, pointed out a couple of months after that had no regularity in their game. But, after all that is achieved by ‘JuanFer’ River Plate, in argentina, appeared on the program ‘Take’ to Win the Sport and has repented of what he said, but he has also done a couple of times with other means, and now he has done it on his YouTube channel.

Video: once again, Paul Wagon is excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for calling him fat

Maybe because you are making to grow its subscribers in the above-mentioned video network or from sincere repentance, but the Carriage is released, the last Wednesday of July 1, 2020, a long message in which he recalled what he said at the time:

“I know that this is not usually done, but I feel the need to do so. I have come to apologize to Juan Fernando Quintero, the player of the River, the american and the colombian. Gallardo, note the Quintero and 10 of the River, you cannot leave out…

I apologized to you 3 times; When you reach Quintero in the River, in a critical way. I always like to talk about, in general, with the journal of Friday, it is easier to talk with “the journal of Monday, because that is to say – he played well, he played badly, and it’s over.

In contrast, ‘with the journal of Friday, corrés the risk that after the ‘pull the head’ of the social network and a lot of carpetazos’. As happens in this case with Quintero.

What I say now, for those who don’t know, I was more fat than me, who had the physique of a greengrocer, who was a neighbor of Maluma because he came out and said that she had shared a childhood with Maluma, who had thought to retire from football.

At the time, we had information that he loved the night, I said that ‘I had more nights that a night watchman’…

And then he began to recognize everything that has made the curve to the left of the selection Colombia, he also remembered when he was in ‘Kick Along’:

“The guy turned around, started to point, broken, he was thin, made the goal more important in the history of the River. I was wrong in everything and I have to admit that I come to put the face, as you are mistaken, doctor, taxi driver, football player, journalist. What you are doing, you are wrong.

Here I make a mistake and have put the face, as I went to put a ‘Kick Long’, the program Eduardo (Luis) Lopez, fiue where I said all of this, and where I have to repent also, and I’m going to go once temriné quarantine”

And even if, in this occasion, Paul Wagon is excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for having called him fat, he confessed that in the World Russia 2018, and in a friendly ‘Tricolor’ u-23, he had already apologized:

“To play in the World cup in Russia, Colombia vs. Japan, golazo Quintero. I am travelling from Moscow to Kazan, because Argentina has played with France and side, the seat appears to be the representative of Quintero, you get to talk.

And when they are under the aircraft to record the audio and I’ll tell you; – Crazy, forgive me, you are right, they are a ‘monster’, you’re a ‘crack’. I can’t say too much, I was wrong -…

After Kazan, the goal-Mouth, the most important in the history of the River… the one who gives you the victory… He is the one who broke the story. Without that goal, there was absolutely nothing… Quintero has shown that it was the ‘crack’ total, that was different.

At what time I go in colombia, the program, Eduardo López, of the whole ‘band’, one of the most visited in Colombia and I have been busy and I have apologized in that program. And I promised to go to Colombia, to sit on the ‘floor’ (the study) and to apologize to the people of colombia. What am I going to do when you’ve finished the quarantine, I have given my word, and respect…

Also, the mother of Quintero goes to ‘kill me’ through social networks and I did well, because I had quartered’ for no reason, without having seen a minute. I was wrong and I was right mom, I’m not angry with amdre, I am not angry with the people of colombia, and I rained down falls’ of tweets in direct messages on Instagram…

1.000, 2.000, 3.000, 4.000, crazy in colombia, and they were right. The day of today I still pull that ‘put aside’…

And then I met him at the stadium of Argentinos Juniors, Argentina – Colombia Sub-23, and seems to Quintero in the next cubicle. Will I end up apologizing once more…

And then came the explanation as to why, once more, Paul Wagon is excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for calling him fat and put in doubt his arrival at the River Plate:

“Here I need to do so, because it is the official channel, because it is the direct contact that I have with all of you. Some people have asked me what happened to Quintero. This is what happened with Quintero;

What I have, what the injury, which he had never seen, was the comment that we had – the guy wants to devote to the reggaeton, you don’t like the football, when he went to take the physical test there is a picture that is complicated, because it was the ‘skin’ and was a physical player who has been more towards the side of the shelter…

To me I like to talk before, with the risk of losing, you can win and you can lose. In this case, with Quintero lost, I have the “bank” and have put the face and I have come to do the charge…”

And in the end of the message, he concluded by apologizing to the people of the River Plate and Colombia:

“… And for that we are, to criticise, to applaud, to celebrate and also to apologize. If we are wrong, we apologize.

So, my apologies for Juan Fernando Quintero, to his family, to the people of the River and the colombian people…”


Now that satisfied, and that the journalist Pablo Carro excuse for Juan Fernando Quintero for calling him fat, you will have to wait if it meets still in the studies of Winning the Sport. From the moment that he mentions it as something that must be done, and it seems that you want to meet the word.

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