The hard way to Taylor Townsend for the elite of tennis


It is well known the history of Taylor Townsend in the professional circuit. A woman full of talent that, in the eyes of others, it was too different from the others. Her figure has never been as athletic as the rest of the girls, a fact that has caused the rejection on the basis of what the coaches or academies. Many have doubted that he could become a professional, but everything was wrong. Wrong, the USTA does not want to help you in your time of junior, as it was wrong of his mother, by manipulating their income to their every whim. To this day, I still make mistakes all those people that make you a racist treatment because of their skin color. Can reach the goal with all these obstacles? In an interview with Telegraphthe who confirms that yes.

Let’s start from the latter, episodes of racism, even if, perhaps, this is one of the evils that the more time it will take to dragging mankind. Townsend, despite belonging to a discipline that has full privileges, it also suffers from the unfortunate episodes. “In tournaments, for example, it is normal that the player enters and no one will stop her. In my case, when I walk, there is always someone that needs to check my bag, check my credentials, review the ball of my coach, to examine the credentials of my coach, etc…. But I understand perfectly that it comes to safety, precautions must be taken to make sure that I don’t belong to this world,” says the Chicago with a bit of a pain.

“This is our reality and it happens all the time, week after week, no matter whether the match of the tournament is in the united States or abroad, gives the same thing. I don’t think that this will change, however, with luck, these recent protests of the #BlackLivesMatter help create awareness of and spaces for people to sit at the dialogue”, assesses the current Nº73 of the world, one of the 16 american players that are listed these days among the hundred best in the ranking.

As well, he says, is the problem, regardless of the place, even in the united States. Many will remember that in 2012 in which, despite being the best young american, the USTA denied a WC for the US Open Junior because of his physical appearance, even Patrick McEnroe came out, claiming that they did it because they were concerned about his health. “It’s been a long road to get here, too many enemies have come to my step. I don’t want to say that I have a bad relationship with the USTA, or to maintain a certain degree of bitterness, and in the end, it is an organism that has evolved a lot over the last few years, now trying to be more inclusive. It would be absurd to deny them that, now, the help they are going to give to me for something that happened eight years ago,” says a person who if nothing else knows how to do is to forgive.

Nor his mother made easy, by manipulating their earnings during the early years of his career, without talking with anyone, and always for their own benefit. “At that time was a minor, so I never thought that my mother was doing something that was not ethical or correct. However, as I grew up and I started to get more involved in my work, I discovered some things that I did not expect. In that moment he called me and said that you forgive, for my own mental health it was better to let it go and move forward. Now, not to mention, I do not like his ways. Luckily my father is great, he respects the limits.”

You have already seen, some of the players have had more hurdles to jump that Taylor Townsend. Fortunately, the talent and the work, it always ends up to be successful. For example, in the US Open last year, where he reached for the first time a second week of a Slam, leaving on the road to Simona Halep. “The tournament has made me win a lot of followers, I discovered that a lot of people that I admired, was a very refreshing experience. I was playing in the way that I knew I could play, but I’ve had too much in the last few years. It’s nice for people to recognize and what you enjoy, it was a different feeling. The key is to enjoy both the successes and the bad moments, which is why I try to accept the things that make me unique and special.”