the hairstyles of the summer of the famous


The summer and its effect to call. There is No fold. It gets warmer and we tend to reduce everything. But all of us. From the bottom of the pants, the sleeves of the shirts and, of course, the hair. Especially now that, after birth, our roof is descuerto that have been uploaded to the temperatures and each and every millimeter of the less appreciated after the walk fresh. There are those who have no scruples in taking a machine cortapelos and enter through the big door in that club of men who, after the quarantine, they found that the shaved hair is the protagonist of hairstyle this 2020. They know all these celebrities who dared the skinheads more molones.

It is understandable that you will not be at that stage. For this reason, there are options in the middle, to not say goodbye in a loud and clear that the long hair you strive so hard to cultivate. You can try any of these trends in hairstyles for the summer. Have the approval of experts. Even if you have the possibility to choose some of these 10 images and go for a run, to teach your hair to work on you the milgrado that I like a famous. You will find a list of cool hairstyles as look ruffled Óscar Casas, the mane of Brad Pitt, that version of canosa di Taika Waititi… take a look and choose the one that you like, go over it with you.

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Chris Hemsworth

Hard to go wrong with a version of Chris Hemsworth. This cut is perfect for wearing 365 days a year, but is especially comfortable in the summer. The trick is to get your: do not load a lot of strip of hair.

Álvaro Rico

The tupés never ceased to be in fashion and this summer is take hairstyles, not engominados, and with a good undercut to accentuate the length of the top. The best thing about this cut is that it is so wet or dry, so you’ll have to look good, even out of the water.

Rami Malek

Another option is classic and modern is the court of Rami Malek. This haircut is recommended for those who seek not to complicate life even from the morning until the afternoon. Step for a man impeccable.

Jaime Lorente

Those that have curly hair must be set the actor Jaime Lorente, who has found the perfect length for the summer. In these months of heat, opt for a classic cut slightly long on the top, so as to leave a glimpse of the undulations of the hair.

Brad Pitt

What better time of the summer to be mane to Brad Pitt? Unleash your soul surf and to grow the advice of a few inches more. If you already have a considerable mane, we invite you to make a couple of considerations to get the look the californian full.

Oscar Casas

Do you enjoy a good amount of hair? There is no reason to reduce! Make like Oscar the Houses and let your hair grow as it wants. Yes, if the thing is going to the mother it is advised to go to the hairdresser to take shape and not look like a helmet.

Jake Gyllenhaall

The look of Jake Gyllenhaall is the answer to all of that during the quarantine, have adopted the look of castaway and have learned to love. Cut a bit of the beard, wet hair and com back to return to walk among the civilization in the New Normal.

Paco León

You’ve got curly hair, it’s like your curls and you want the world to see. If this is your case, we invite you to do as Paco León, and grow those curls with a great personality. Note: the beard of 15 days should always be with the hair.

Taika Waititi

The gray hairs are the joy, and if not, who ask Taika Waititi. If this summer you want to give a break to the hair so much dye, just like the actor, and compensates for the gray hair with a more modern style. The cuts undercut with a single lock falling on the forehead are the most popular.

Harry Styles

A priori, it would seem to be the hairstyle that is the most disheveled of them all. However, the cut-out of Harry Styles has his trick. For the hair to take those undulations that looks like the singer, must pass through the scissors of a professional to determine the length that best suits your hair type.

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