Looking to consolidate the fishing anchoíta Chubut


A fleet of at least seven boats operating from the port of the capital of Chubut is intended for the fishing of the species Engraulis anchoíta’, making good catches in water provincial and with the possibility to continue fishing in national waters on this resource.

At the time of the year in Puerto Rawson is a strong decrease of the activity due to the low season of shrimp, the alternative of exit to anchoíta has begun to be an option that awakes the interest of commerce.

The secretary of Fisheries of Chubut, Adrian Awstin, he observed, began to move the circuit and the fishing port through this alternative, which has inspired even when exercised the function of director Rawson.

“We are very pleased to have sponsored the fishing of anchoíta and were interested buyers, and boats going to fish for this species. There are seven boats in the business. There were some early departures at the end of may, beginning of June, where they made one or two trips, and then came the part for the case of the ship with positive cases Covid-19”, described the movement generated by this species.

6.3 grams of fat

“Now, with the health protocols in the function, it came out of the port of Rawson, and are making catches of very good quality, both in terms of size, as the concentration of fats. If you take into account that up to 7 grams for every 100 grams of anchoíta is acceptable, we have performed laboratory tests and the anchoíta patagonica has 6.3 grams of fat,” stressed the qualitative parameters, which presents the resource.

Between 32 and 44 pieces per pound

The path of study, “we know that we have a anchoíta of very good quality, with levels of fat are acceptable, and units with very good size. Today we fished between 32 and 44 pieces per pound, which is an optimum size for the needs of the industry”

The area of catch

The concentrations of the species were between the parallels of 43°, 45°, and the provincial border. “That is to say, between the provincial and limits the main air, and you can see that the resource is taking a step to the north as the season progresses, and November/December), at the front of the Valdes Peninsula, about”, destalló official.

Awstin said that, until now, have been caught in the waters provincial “and ask for the release of the Nation, and by the time we opened, so that the boats, with a national authorisation, you can go fishing anchoíta in such jurisdiction, it depends on how you browse the resource”.

Regarding the market destination of these traps, “in principle, go to licks of mar del plata. Here, in Chubut, we do blocks of 10 kilos and go for licks of Mar del Plata,” he said.

It stimulates the activity

Put a value on the disposal of the owners of ships are encouraged to explore this activity. “Without this alternative, today the port of Rawson is to be fully stopped. Thanks to the possibility of exploitation of the species anchoíta, there are seven fishing boats, to give employment to the storage, the transport, there is movement in plants; it moves the wheel fishing in the low season of shrimp from the port of the capital,” in the pose.

To attract investment

Also, now the new goal is to attract investments Rawson or Trelew for the development of this product in the province. “Because I had a meeting with the mayor, Damian Biss and I’m going to do the same with Adrian Maderna. In Trelew, there is already a system able to do anchoíta, and Rawson there is the interest, therefore, the search of tools as much tax, as a reduction of the costs of the services in each city to encourage investment and the installation of licks of anchoítas,” said the Secretary of the Fishing efforts in the course.

Manpower training

On the other hand, progress has been made with the Municipal School of Learning in the workplace (MAIL) from Rawson to prepare a qualified workforce to this aspect of fishing, which is the process of anchoíta. The idea is to allow a map of the city, of which today are idle in Rawson, put it in conditions that allow such formats of the labour force in the EMAIL to start working with a pilot plant to make a product of anchoíta salada in Chubut.