‘Buffy the vampire Slayer’ could have had a number of spin-off with another Slayer


It’s the era of reboots and revivals. With so many streaming platforms available, it is much easier to satisfy fandoms specifications of what it used to be, and that means that many television programs and older are ready for his return.

Those who were children in the 1990s are particularly nostalgic for the shows of the past, and are helping to lead the renaissance, with the success of the previous series. All this nostalgia is people look back at what it once was, and there are some programs that fit just like the immensely popular and loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It turns out that Buffy was almost a series of spin-off with a murderer completely different.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” has been extremely popular

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a series created by Joss Whedon starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as heroin holder. He debuted in 1997 and ran for seven seasons, full of action. The fans simply could not get enough of this exciting show that has combined horror, drama, romance and comedy to produce something that was as exciting. After the series went off the air in 2003, fans were able to follow a year more with the series spin-off Angel, which took place between 1999 and 2004.

The program has enormous power, and remains a popular choice for viewers old and new. Part of what makes it so attractive is its complexity, a characteristic that some critics of the media assigned to it, changed the whole experience of watching tv. When writing for Vox, Emily VanDerWerff and Caroline Framke has explained that the program “blew up the defined formats, and in fact, the people who made the television to reconsider how they approached the medium.”

Buffy was not the only killer

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According to the tradition of the show, a new Slayer has appeared every time that the current was dead. Buffy choked briefly, before being taken, but his death was long enough to make a new Killer, Kendra, was called to the service. Unfortunately, Kendra also found an inappropriate term: to be the Killer, is a line of work that is dangerous! For a time, there were two Slayers work against the forces of evil, and when Kendra died, another Slayer has taken its place.

Faith, the slayer who replaced Kendra, was one of the most complex characters in the series. Played by Eliza Dushku, Faith was always a bad girl who don’t like to play by the rules. He also struggled with the fact that he was in the shadow of Buffy, in spite of having been called to the inheritance, which was supposed to be the only one.

Finally, Faith turns to the dark side and tries to destroy Buffy and her friends. There is never a time that avoids an arc of redemption: the show features most of the vampires that have restored souls; the story of Whedon makes Faith return to the series in the final season to counter the end of the world.

Faith has an almost show their

There was, according to Digital Spy, a number of ideas arising presented to the popular series. After all, I was full of so many interesting characters that anyone of them could have created a universe full of her. Among the various possibilities, is a tv movie with Spike or Willow. The spin-off that has gained the greatest traction, aside from Angel, of course, was one of a series called Ripper. I followed Anthony Head in a role in reproof of Rupert Giles, the wise, loving, and a rigid Observer of Buffy. A pilot almost landed the program was filmed by the BBC, but never got to the screen, and the Head is convinced that it is too old for the role.

In the meantime, another glimpse of the series I would follow the rogue Slayer Faith in your journey. The conversations became serious enough to attract Dushku to your opinion, but in the end things do not work. Dushku was ready to explore other roles for his career of success, and Whedon was not able to devote the same amount of time I had with Buffy. Ultimately, the world will wonder what could have been.