The conflict. The traders of the centre of Culiacan have been billed to the mayor Jesus Estrada Ferreiro as the number one enemy of the business sector, because their Government policies have caused a lot of damage, and during the pandemic have not received any support from him. And, once again, the city Council has taken a decision without taking into account, when establishing pedestrian streets in the first box, which, far from being of benefit to the other, has afectado.De according to them, they took advantage of the health emergency to make these changes. Estrada Ferreiro was not very precise in their actions, and has not been socialized to those who are going to have to do with them, so yesterday is once again demonstrated in front of city hall, because they are already tired of the damage that this Administration has caused them.

The current decline? If you have attracted the attention of, the only one who has started the preparations for a resumption of tourist activities in Mazatlan, the number of active cases of COVID-19 began to decline in the common, is not the only one. After staying for more than a month and a half to red light as a warning maximum of contagions and deaths from COVID-19, Mazatlan has retained this week lit the blue; that is to say, as a municipality, with the health risk is weak. On Monday, when the governor of Sinaloa, and its similar in Durango, Quirino Ordaz Coppel and José Rosas Aispuro, respectively, presented the strategy for the relaunch of the tourism in Mazatlan, the city reported 77 cases of active. A day before, on Sunday, 28 June, have been 98 cases of this type, a figure much lower than that of 126 active cases that had the previous Saturday, and the 133 was just the Friday, according to the statistics managed by the Secretariat of Health, under the Government of Sinaloa. What a coincidence?

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The strategy. Average or not, with a view to 2021 or not, the pri ahomense enters the problem of the price of the fuels. The goal is to conquer the car and hit Brown, which at the moment is unfavourable. Yesterday, the president and the secretary general of the PRI in Ahome, Sweet Ruiz and César Emiliano Gerardo, as well as the councilors Raul Cota and the Genesis Pineda, has held a virtual meeting with the head of state of the tricolour, Jesus Valdés; with the PRD, Audómar Smoked; as well as with the representatives of the BREAD and of the Citizen Movement, for the design of strategies that in Ahome the price of fuel down, as in other places. It was Mario Domínguez, representative of senator Mario Zamora Gastélum. The pandemic coronavirus is not for the unit in position.

Fold the hands. Yesterday, it emerged that the Government of Guasave agreed to the reopening of the beaches with the indication strictly to the citizens to take care of and to respect as much as possible, recommendations to prevent the COVID-19. To be realistic, there is nothing to guarantee the good behavior of the citizens, if this has not been seen since the beginning of the pandemic in the region, as there are always people who are removed from the centers of recreation, which they called the attention for parties, horse racing, careadas volleyball, and a series of activities that have nothing to do with the healthy distance that has been recommended. We hope that you have repented of what could happen with this determination.

Surprise. The visit is not so pleasant for the mayor of Mocorito, Guillermo Galindo, Castro, Monday afternoon, then the reception at their home for the governor of Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and the director of Works, Osbaldo Lopez Angulo, among other officers, to offer them a meal before starting the tour of the works, the delivery of the work. This is because I did not expect the presence of exagentes police outside of his house with banners, asking the solution for the amount of your settlement, which is for two years, asked to meet, then win the judgment, for dismissal, for the failure of the test of control and safety. Or digestion permitted him to eat, because at the exit of the house to go to the delivery of the work, the governor has answered and has asked to wait for the answer that will be the city’s administration, a response that is expected this day to be delivered to the attorney of the exagentes. What you expect most of a third, who has the authority as a proposal of the Government of Guillermo Galindo. This proposal, which they have not sought to move or improve in favour of the agents and the fulfilment of this provision of the act to pay the settlement.


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