The stars share their predictions with Josie diez Canseco


ARIES: 20TH MAR – 19TH APR.: You will spend wonderful moments together with the beloved person, is to express all the love that you feel. Don’t doubt your intuition, it may help you obtain the professional success that you have desired. The number of successes, 4.

TAURUS: APRIL 20 – MAY 20.: A feeling of dissatisfaction that will make you reflect on your love life, you will realize that you need more freedom. There are no roads uncomfortable with your superiors in situations that they are uncomfortable with, a dialogue. The number of successes, 7.

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN.: Produce misunderstandings in your love life, proceed with caution and wait to ask for explanations. Tries to smooth over things with a colleague, your support will be important for your work. The number of successes, 1.

CANCER: 22 JUNE – 21 AUG.: You meet a person that will conquer you: from the first glance, you’ll notice the same interest on their part. Not project changes in the work if you do not have everything in order, look at the details. The numbers of success, 20.

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LEO: 22 JUL – 22 AUG.: Irradiarás a particular attraction and you will be very successful with the opposite sex, the idea of flirting without having to commit will seduce you. A creative project in which you could win money, it will draw your attention. The number of successes, 14.

VIRGO: 23 AUGUST – 22 SEPT.: To feel attraction for that one special person that shows interest in you, it is time to take decisions. You will meet interesting people, talk about projects in the company, you will be fine. The numbers of success, 15.

LIBRA: 23 SEP – 22 OCT.: Today you will feel that everything come out well, if you want to talk about your feelings to any particular person, is the precise moment. Your hard work will give you professional and economic satisfaction. The number of successes, 17.

SCORPIO: 23 OCT – 22 NOV.: Be consistent in your desires to conquer the person you like, the persistence will help you. Appeal to your experience, you’ll see that this effort that seems impossible to achieve concrete success. The number of successes, 9.

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SAGITTARIUS: 23 NOVEMBER – 22 DEC.: Today she delights to talk about a more serious commitment that you ilusionará much. Let your imagination fly when you propose your project, is more cautious in the way in which you present. The number of successes, 7.

CAPRICORN: DEC 23 – JAN 21.: Now that you feel that you’re losing, you start to appreciate the love, react, these, too, in time. You’ll find support for investment, this time things went as expected. The number of successes, 12.

AQUARIUS: 22 JAN – 17 FEB.: I feel very much the lack of a person who is engría, it is time to forget, restart your love life. You’ll have a little extra money, by a stroke of luck, manage it well so that you will be the last. The number of successes, 6.

FISH: 18 FEB – 19 MAR.: The absence of the person you like gives you nostalgia, you think that this distance is for a better future. Your projects are your favourites, you have many possibilities to change jobs, take advantage of it. The number of successes, 13.


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